Ayvee Verzonilla wins Best New Music Artist at the OneFilAm Festival

Ayvee Verzonilla (Photo by Edward Flowers)

The Premiere of the OneFilAm Film and Music Festival at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood on November 16th proved to be a terrific celebration of Filipino music and films along with those who make them. It was also marked with solemn moments of remembering the many victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Over 700 people came to support the movement, one of them being Filipino Superstar Raymond Bagatsing, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and also helped with the collection of food and blankets destined for the typhoon victims. His film Freight Train, directed by Zen Freese of Nike Productions Oregon and produced by Songwriter Ayvee Verzonilla and Actress Radhaa Nilia, took home several awards including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Music Score, and Best Cinematographer.

From Left: Ayvee Verzonilla, Raymond Bagatsing, Radhaa Nilia, and Founder Adrian Lecaros for Freight Train by AZE Media

The founder of OneFilAm, Mr. Adrian Lecaros, says: "Many categories were awarded at the festival, including The Best New Music Artist. Filipinos are, of course, known to be great singers and performers. This year we awarded Filipina American singer, Ayvee Verzonilla, that award. Her performance of a new heartfelt original song Walk with me was riveting. Her musical skill sets, which range from songwriting, to singing, to rapping and producing, are very refreshing. It’s no wonder a major network like The Oxygen Network has chosen to feature her songwriting and performance on Bad Girls All Star Battle Season Two. We look forward to watching her grow, as an upcoming Music Artist." 

Ayvee Verzonilla (Photo by Edward Flowers)

The support and turn out for this year's Festival was incredible, and it is expected that in years to come, the OneFilAm Festival will grow exponentially. The huge heart of the Filipino-American Community contributed generously to aid their brothers and sisters in Leyte Province. GMA 7 was there to collect canned goods and blankets. Watch out for the Summer 2014  as another Film & Music Festival event will be happening in LA. To hear Ayvee's music, take a listen at her Soundcloud Page.

Ayvee Verzonilla (Photo by Edward Flowers)

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