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After having spent the majority of her youth growing up in beautiful Moscow, Russia, after having moved from Penza, it was there where Russian singer, model and journalist Alisa Muraveva realized how passionate of a performer she was at a young age.


Alisa Muraveva


Constantly being surrounded by music since Muraveva was an infant; it is possible to say that the arts are practically in her DNA. She admits that it was her father, television mogul and songwriter Vyacheslav Muravyev, who helped her discover the hidden passion for singing at the mere age of three. At the age of six, with the help of her father, she recorded two singles and began performing.

For most musicians first performances are usually in small, familiar places where they were given the opportunity to showcase their talents, but for Muraveva, it was more of a go big or go home kind of a moment. Her first time on stage happen to be at a gala concert for a recognized beauty contest, and it was then and there where she realized she was born to be an artist.


Alisa Muraveva


After taking a few vocal lessons with industry professionals like Seth Riggs, Muraveva began working on her improvisational skills all on her own. The work for her first album was finished and the album When You’re 15 was finalized. Afterwards Muraveva and her father recorded two more, Challenging Mariah Carey – who she considers being her vocal teacher and respects endlessly – and Alisa in the Jazzland – where they put together the jazz standards with the strongest vocal leads to show her singing capabilities.


Not only is Muraveva’s voice one of her strongest qualities but her intelligence as well. Having studied Performing Arts, Psychology and Journalism it’s safe to stay her plate was plenty full. As a special correspondent and hostess for some of Russia’s popular channels, Muraveva had the opportunity to visit multiple countries and explore various cultures but also experienced living unforgettable moments for instance while being in Japan during a hurricane in 2011, working in a Cambodian prison while putting together the exclusive report, filming in Singapore during the Food Festival, and driving race cars in Abu Dhabi for Formula 1.


Alisa Muraveva


Aside from her musical and journalism careers where she’s worked with publications like Allure, Vogue, Heat and Izvestia as a contributing editor and writer, she also dabbles in modeling, taking part in Fashion Week when she has the spare time. Moving to California four years ago, Muraveva has met some of the most interesting people who were not only professionals and helping but also sincere and kind-hearted, which are qualities she says are deeply important. 


Alisa Muraveva


Muraveva visits Los Angeles every summer for work –song recordings, theatrical plays, and also collaborates with Smile TV –an interactive network dedicated to bringing positive videos and inspiring stories.

She is currently working on recording her first album in English where all the songs will be written by her father but given that special touch with her lyrics. She will also begin to shoot two videos tributes for the late Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.


Alisa Muraveva


For more information on Alisa Muraveva visit her on her official website.  

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