Viper Room - Kosh Dillz Leads a Night Filled with Music

If you like Interpol, The Beatles, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Maroon 5, you would have loved the line up that was put together at the LJAM Showcase held at the Viper Room the night of February 22, 2010.  The show lived up to its hype, with sounds that were similar but unique in their own right and yet similar to some of the great musicians we love to hear on the radio.

Hollywood’s famous Viper Room, host to many a music legend does it again with a solid musical line up of up and coming artists.  A wide arrangement of music genres, every band was sure to please everyone in the audience.  The evening was sponsored by an open Miller Lite bar.  Good music and free beer was an awesome combination for a night out on the town.

Kosha Dillz photo by Vivien Killilea

You want to put your hands up when you hear the unique sound of Kosha Dillz sing his rhymes.  A nice bouncy beat or slow wrap remind you of the music videos of beautiful women dancing all around the singer.  Both danceable and rhyming, this music is fun.  Bringing his East Coast roots to his music, paying homage to his homeland of Israel, every song tells a story, some that poke fun and make you laugh others that make you want to cry.  Regardless, his sense of humor comes through with his sharp tongue and rhyming prose.  Wildly entertaining and original Kosha Dillz is sure to rise as an artist on the hip hop scene.

Terra Incognita photo by Vivien Killilea

Terra Incognita’s band name is intriguing in and of itself.  Meaning Angels out of the unknown or an area not yet mapped or documented makes you wonder which interpretation they were intending for themselves.  This band makes you want to tap your feet and sway to the music somewhat out of your control.  A bit of rock and wrap Terra Incognita captures your imagination with their multitude of love songs in what no doubt are based on the band members personal experiences.  With a large following of women, this group is no stranger to the admiring female fans.  They also have an appeal to the rocker men out there, so don’t worry guys, this band appeals to everyone.  They are fun and imaginative.  A unique group in name and sound.

The Young Things photo by Vivien Killilea

The Young Things are just that.  They have a sound that a young group would come up with, featuring a little of the greats and a lot of their own.  The lyrics are interesting and musical and they have a talented band with their instrument play and coordination.  Their sound is pleasing and esoteric, danceable and low key, their range interesting and upbeat.

A clean and professional sound The New Room take you back to a familiar place.  Part Smiths part Maroon 5; this group draws the best of the past with a twist of the new and now.  This is a band whose entire album you will want to hear and listen to for hours.  A relaxing but upbeat sound with a soothing voice in their lead singer, The New Room is a pleasure to listen to.  Mesmerized by their sound and lyrics and impressed with their crisp cohesiveness, this band makes you feel like you are listening to a well known band in an intimate setting. It was a real treat to hear this band do their thing.

Once you get past all the chatty talk and the young man’s philosophy on relationships, life, and coming to a realization about things, Adrian Vera and his guitar captivate you.  A rich sweet voice that holds a note like a young man can, his philosophy does bleed into his songs and you realize he is growing up and seeing the world for the first time. He is discovering himself in his music and the nature of the people around him.  He is insightful and probing in his lyrics while maintaining a sound all his own.  He hits the high notes and the low with an ease that says I’ve been singing all my life.  This kid is talented with a potential for a larger following as his sound is discovered.

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