Toronto Funk Hip Hop Rock n' Roll - Doing it Right in the T Dot

Any event named Toronto Funk Hip Hop Rock n' Roll is likely to be mistaken as an evening for musicians from three genres thrown together; but rather tonight was an array of hugely talented performers who proved that there was nothing 'thrown together' about it. Each musician was hand picked for their ability to astonish, entertain and inspire. So who deserves credit for this evening of pure music fusion? Lead singer, KC Roberts, of headliners, KC Roberts and the Raw Blue, was the man of the hour.

Matt York

Matt York, a familiar face on the Canadian circuit, never fails to upstage only himself every time he hits the stage with such soul that leaves his fans in a constant state of speechlessness. Having experienced, the York-mania before earlier on in 2005, Matt redefines and continues to challenge conventions within his genre of music, making him a superstar but only the kind that is genuine and irresistible. Using a carefully balanced fusion of soul, funk and even a touch of folk rock, Matt York breathes life into an often too quiet Toronto crowd. With every performance, Matt York unintentionally adds a different flair, making each show as captivating as the next. And still, after each set, it is still impossible to put a finger on where this young singer-songwriter, who was recently signed to Dread Rock Records, finds the power to endlessly strengthen his voice.

Tomi Swick

Changing up the vibe of the evening from soul to' something that may be described as retro Brit Pop fused with the elements which makes Canadian Indie music a hip genre today. The low-maintenance, no nonsense appearance of the band is deceiving to anyone who hasn't heard of Tomi Swick, Warner Music Canada's newest discovery. Tomi Swick who is cleary influenced by greats from; Pearl Jam, Soundgarden to David Gray, isn't reinventing the wheel, but he uses strong lyrics and solid vocals to make it his own.

Kamikaze Baby

The only thing not Toronto-like about this evening is Montreal-based band, Kamikaze Baby. Initially, the band came across as a run-of-the-mill 'emo' band of sort, but what makes this band stand out is their clever and calculated amalgamations of diverse music genres in each song. For each interchanging genre within a song, was the opportunity for Kamikaze Baby to showcase their irrefutable talent. In particular, Angelo Rusictti, stands out with his modest charisma and electrifying performance on the bass, which took the band's set to higher grounds. 

KC Roberts and the Raw Blue

Finally, the stars of the evening, KC Roberts and the Raw Blue were a sock rocking experience - a force to be reckoned with. The first thirty seconds of their opening song already showcased the bands enormous talent needless to say the remaining 40 minutes allowed the band to rip it up and have a blast doing it. On top of putting together an evening of fantastic music, KC Roberts' simply rocks. Just over a year ago, he decided to bring onboard the Raw Blue which just may be what is needed to propel his music into rightful stardom. What is mind boggling about this group of musicians is how perfectfly they compliment one another, while each person is able to maintain a very strong stage presence and seduce the audience. Together, the band has developed a sound that will likey withstand fads which change at the drop of a hat because their music is strong enough to stand on its own. If time and space allowed, each musician in the KC Roberts and the Raw Blue would absolutely deserve their own mention to describe their impact on the evening's success. KC Roberts decision to bring together a collective of musicians that are passionate and excited for one another's music makes their vibe astounding and urges fans to get on the KC Roberts and the Raw Blue's train.

Toronto Funk Hip Hop Rock n' Roll not only was a 'bumping' evening of amazing music. Honourable mentions go out to Matt York and KC Roberts and the Raw Blue two missing links (among others) needed to rejuvenate the sometimes lack luster Toronto music scene, has been found.

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