The Who - Live With Special Guests, Right in Your Living Room

On Friday, October 7, Samsung Electronics in conjunction with The Who, announced the upcoming release of The Who:  Tommy & Quadrophenia Live With Special Guests DVD box set.  The Who's Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were on hand at The Samsung Experience in, New York City, to kick off the joint promotional event leading up to the public release of The Who:  Tommy & Quadrophenia Live With Special Guests on November 15, 2005.   List price for the DVD set will be $34.98, according to

Samsung electronics will be providing the box set free as a special gift to customers who purchase selected items between October 1, and November 30, 20005. 

The Who's Tommy, featured on disc one, recorded live at The Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, includes special guests Elton John, Phil Collins, Billy Idol, Patti LaBella, and Steve Winwood.  The special guests add a unique element to this truly fantastic performance.  If don't have a surround sound system at home to enhance this experience I highly recommend watching this with a friend who does.

Disc two contains a live version of Quadrophenia from the 1996/1997 U.S. tour.  The box set is designed with MX DVD Multi-Channel Video, allowing the viewer to choose who from The Who is on screen, creating a true interactive experience.  The third disc of this set includes almost two hours of live performance.  Optimized for HDTV and surround sound this ser is a must have for any fan of The Who, as well as anyone who may have seen Tommy on Broadway.

While the main focus of the evening was of course Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, Samsung Electronics did put on a rather stunning display of their upcoming products.  Look forward to seeing a wide range of new high tech, multifunction cell phones coming from Samsung.

On display were cell phones with MP3 players and 3 GB of hard drive storage, cell phones which you could watch TV on (not available in the US), even a blutooth MP3 playing cell phone that when brought into your car would play the music through your cars audio system while providing a play list on the cars navigation display.  Also on display was their new line up of home theater equipment, DLP TV's, LCD TV's, and surround sound equipment.  Truly amazing devices will be coming from Samsung Electronics in the very near future.  However the most advanced cell phones will not be available in the United States for quite some time.

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