Save Me From Myself Review - Brian "Head" Welch Makes a Comeback

Brian "Head" Welch

Borders, Hollywood. Many people lined up, between the bookshelves in the aisle, some sitting on the floor reading a random book while waiting for the author of another book that they are all holding,  “ Washed by Blood”, written by Brian Welch, an autobiography of his life. For those who don’t know who Brian Welch is may be surprised to learn that he’s one of the founders of the musical movement called “nu metal”. Brian is more known by “Head” was one of the guitarists for KoRn. In 2005 he had parted the band, mostly due to drugs. In my interview with him, Brian said “All the circumstances had pointed to change, bailing out and starting something fresh in my life.  My wife, we got married when we were 28 and then we split when I was 30. She left my daughter with me and I became single Dad. Being in KoRn hiring nannies, I knew I had to make a right decision for her. I was doing well in my carrier and Instead of making the right decision I went and partied, got hooked on crystal meth, and at the lowest point in my life I made a change I found Lord, it gave me the power to walk away from it all, I’ve already done everything, why stay there? My daughter was 5 when I parted from KoRn, her and the drugs were the inspiration for change, sick of drinking for so many years; and my daughter too, what is she thinking at home? My mother left, and her dad’s never home, my heart was breaking.”

Some have been in line for over 2 hours.

Just four months after he had parted from KoRn he had traveled to India to open up an orphanage that is now housing, providing food and education, to 200 kids in the most remote parts of the country.

Mother thanks Brian for exposing his wealth of experience with drugs and helping her son steer away from that life, while still being in the band.

“I quit KoRn sat around for 4 months, I was bored I met some dude that was going to ministry to feed some poor kids, and I said I’m going with you! Grabbed my checkbook and said “Let’s go!”  Thought I’d follow in the footsteps of Jesus. There we built an orphanage for the kids and hanged out there, ended up going to the jungle where all these cannibals were, helped their kids out, it was nuts it was crazy! That was a step to the light. I went over there and it made me appreciate the life we have in US, I’ve been on a journey ever since I found Christ and that was just one of the stops on it. I like to help some people in our country may be open a drug rehab one day”.

Some have used the opportunity and read books while they wait

Now as far as the nostalgia of the book and solo album signing tour he said, “I do what you love to do with a different purpose and with a different mind. It’s different now, before being around so many people I would have to get drunk but now that I got past all my issues. I like being around people, I like hanging out, and I don’t have that social anxiety.”

One of Head's fan who came all the way from Long Beach to get his guitar signed

In his new album “ Save Me from Myself” his tracks reflect his life, addiction to crystal meth, leaving KoRn, spiritual songs, money running his life, and surprisingly some songs that reflect his disapproval of organized religion. He believes that “So many religions telling us that we got to do things their certain way but God is a personal God, and for me it’s the one on one relationship with him, it’s still me. When I got famous one wouldn’t think that a Christian person would want to go to tattoo shop and get tattoos all over their bodies.  That’s what I felt like doing though, playing heavy music, I want to stay myself. God loves freaks like me! I just invited God.  A lot of religions will tell you to leave things behind, dress nicer go to church every Sunday. That’s not what I feel, you don’t have to go and join the country club it’s all about personal. Seems like spirituality is changing, young people are more open about it. I would like to promote that personal connection with God, that’s the whole message of the Bible. Christ had opened the way so you don’t have to go to the priest any more to confess, any1 can go to him, even a murder in a jail can develop a personal relationship with God and seek forgiveness, that’s the whole message. It’s not about joining the church or confessing to the priest, Hail Maries, It’s all about that personal connection and I would love to encourage that. It’s less controlling, more freedom.”

I have nothing for you to sign this girl said. Brian pulled up a chair and told her that he'd sign her shoe

During the book signing in Borders, a young man in late teens early twenties had confessed to Brian in front of his mother, “I play in a band and we were doing some hardcore drugs, that’s what music scene is all about. It was getting ugly and then your book came out and I had to read it. I mean KoRn got me into playing guitar and loving rock. Your book had saved me and my band.” His mother had thanked Brian on behalf of the parents whose kids go through the same as her son and Brian himself went though.  

Brian stayed very modest through out his signing, taking time with every fan, listened to every story, every confession, and gave so much of his love back to his fans. It was almost electric how he has the ability to connect to every one.

Brian signing a guitar.

“Just like the weather patters, we have storms winds, seasons, they come and go in life, stick it through an it will change, forgive yourself, forgiveness is inspirational, praying helps a lot, things change they don’t stay the same, wait it out, it’ll be ok.” Brian gave this advice to people that are loosing hope. He reminds us to pray even if you’re non believer you can always pray to the creator.

Brian signing a guitar.

At the end of our interview he spoke, ” I just appreciate every one with sticking with me because I went through a little crazy with drugs and my spiritual awakening. My friends from KoRn want me to be happy and successful and I get their full support. I went a little nuts and I appreciate people understanding that I went through the phase, thanks every one.” 

A neck of a guitar that's been signed by Brian "Head"

Get his new solo Album Save Me From Myself at iTunes and make sure to read his new book Washed by Blood at Amazon


His last book Save Me From Myself quickly hit the New York Times “Best Seller” list (non-fiction)

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