Putumayo Presents Sahara Lounge

Five Stars

Sahara Lounge has an impressive sound all the way through full of laid-back fusions from the Middle East that promise a cutting-edge sound -  everything from electronica to hip-hop to remixes.  Pulling talent such as the obscure Lebanese eletronica duo Soap Kills and Bahia El Idrissi's Arhil, until now only released on the rare Dutch release and hard to get your hands on for listening, this CD is a combination of leading world talent until now not heard by the masses.

While Middle Eastern music might not bring to mind the electronic hip-hop sounds of what's trendy and cool on both coasts and around the world, Sahara Lounge is about trip-hop and DJ's who know how to keep their public happy.

Maybe not for the hard-rocker, but if you're into experiencing new sounds, this is a must in your music collection.


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