Pretty Ricky Q & A - New album 80's Babies

On June 25, 2008, I interviewed the R&B/Hip Hop Artist group Pretty Ricky at the Tower Beverly Hills Hotel.  They were in Los Angeles to attend the BET awards and promote their new album, 80’s Babies and new single “Cuddle Up”.  The four members Diamond, Slick Em, Spectacular, and 4 Play  are personable, funny,  energetic, and ambitious young men.

Slick, Diamond, Spectacular, 4Play

Tatiana:  I wanted to congratulate you on your new album, 80’s Babies.  Can you tell us about it and what was your inspiration for the songs?

Diamond:  Phenomenal, sensational, fantastic, impressive and all that good stuff, sensationable.

I mean we just make good music, it ain’t even about music, we talk about us, we talk about sex, love, romance, splash, splashing.

Tatiana:  I noticed a lot of your songs and that’s what your lyrics are based on, so that is a favorite topic of yours.

Diamond:  We just talk about us and woman, that’s all it is.   Our absolute true-life stories and fantasies fulfilled from the Secret Society

Tatiana:  So the most important topic is about women.

Diamond:  Exactly, everything is about the ladies, love how the ladies smell, look, how they taste, everything.  I love the taste of a woman.

Slick: How they feel

Tatiana:  So do you have a favorite song from the album?

Diamond:  Do you smell it on my breath, the taste of a woman?

Laugh, laugh…


Posing for the Women

Tatiana: Your 2nd album “Late Night Special” had a No. 1 single, “On the Hotline”.

Diamond:  The whole album was No. 1 on billboard for five weeks straight.  Actually they can go online to and do what Spectacular?

Spectacular:  They can preorder the album right now on Make sure you do before anyone else can because we ran into a situation with our last album which was No. 1 for five weeks in a row, the ladies were going store to store trying to find a record and they really couldn’t and they were calling us, mad at us because they couldn’t find it.  We came up with this plan, go to and preorder it and we stay in touch with superstars out there.  Just in case you don’t know superstars are our fans or groupies.  You get a free T-shirt (Pretty T) and then you get the free “Cuddle Up” ringtone. 

Tatiana: How is this album different from the last one?

Diamond:  Just the growth, the group is expanding and growing everyday.  The music is..

Slick: all around the world

Diamond:  It’s new stories.  It’s always going to be something new because we are growing.  It’s a continuation from the last two albums.  Like I said before these albums are Pretty Ricky fantasies fulfilled.

Tatiana:  You also have a new addition to the group, 4 Play.

Diamond:  He’s just a new part of the story.

Tatiana:  How has he changed the group?

Diamond:  He’s a new door to go into when we do our swanging see we do something called swanging parties ..I can’t tell you about it, it’s Secret Society.

Tatiana:  Did you want to add anything 4 Play?  What is it like to be in the group?

Diamond:  He don’t talk, speak, he don’t know English, he only knows how to do one thing and that’s sing to the ladies.  He serenades the room.

Tatiana:  So that’s his job?

Diamond:  It ain’t his job. No that’s just what he does.

4 Play starts serenading me.

Tatiana:  Great voice and talent.

Spectacular: The album will be in stores September 23rd.

Tatiana:  How do you distinguish yourselves from other hip-hop groups?

Diamond:  We are a combination of hip-hop and R&B, but what I think distinguishes Pretty Ricky from the other groups is the sound is so unique and we kept it like that by keeping everything in-house, we do our own writing and our own production.  All the other acts deal with A&R’s, we don’t have A&R’s .  We handle our own projects, executive produce it, these other artists get writers and producers to write for them.  They tell other people’s stories.  When you go out and buy these multiple artists albums you are listening to somebody else’s stories.  They can’t deliver it because they didn’t live it, but Pretty Ricky is delivering their own stories and delivering how we lived it, so it feels real when they pop a CD in and it feels believable because you can feel it.  A lot of times when we talk about sex is because we are having sex.

Tatiana:  Who are some musical influences when you started out?
Slick:  R. Kelly, Boys to Men, Bob Marley, Tupuc, Biggy, The Beatles, Elton John..We listen to anyone makes good music..Garth Brooks

Spectacular: Prince

Tatiana:  I know you are popular with female fans, is there any sibling rivalry anytime?

Diamond:  That’s Secret Society, but I mean the girls choose who they want, everyone got their own category.  I bring the thug appeal, Slick bring the thug appeal, so does Spectac and 4 Play brings the thug appeal.  All of us are the same in  a lot of different ways.  The ladies don’t know, we as in one Pretty Ricky.

Tatiana:  What are your immediate goals for the future?

Diamond:  We want to make love to more women.  Once we take the world over we will be in Mars, we are going to be in space, Jupiter.  We are going to make music for the aliens.

Tatiana:  What is going to sustain you in this business?

Diamond:  Just seducing as many women as possible, loving the women.

Tatiana:  So this is all about women

Diamond:  It’s the Secret Society.  It’s just like Peter Pan , Never Neverland.  We are never ever going to stop doing this.

Cuddle Up With Me

Tatiana:  Tell us about your clothing line.

Diamond:  It’s called Pretty Clothing.

Tatiana:  Is it available right now.

Diamond::  We are working on the designs.  The ladies know what type it is , something sexy for them.  We study women, we know everything about them.

Tatiana:  When do you expect it to be out?

Diamond::  Soon, you can actually go on  to order the T-shirt, pretty 80’s Babies T. 

Tatiana:  When is your tour scheduled?

Diamond::  Right now we are negotiating, and we are working out all the different venues, but we definitely have a tour coming in the next couple of months.

Spectacular:  We also have ringtones, you can text Cuddle to 33133.  If you want any updates on Pretty Ricky, tour dates, when we will be on TV, contests, you can text PR 50505.

Tatiana:  Thank you for the interview and anything else you want to add?

Slick:  I want to thank all the fans who supported Pretty Ricky from day one.  We appreciate it, and love you all and want to have a lot of sex we you, make love.

Spectacular:  Keep in touch with the hotline, 786-258-6074

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