Marc Antoine - Mediterraneo

Five Stars

The one time I met Mark Antoine he and his wife pulled out there wedding photos and made me feel right at home.  Mediterraneo makes me remember those days and again, I feel right at home listening - it's as if you're in Antoine's living room.

"Cubanova" will hook you, it's the first song and from there expect it only to get better.  Mediterraneo makes you want to dance; the tango, the flamenco, or simply pick up a guitar and play along - it's Antoine at his best and in his element.

Mediterraneo was recorded in Madrid, Spain and his gypsy spirit comes through in his music.  "Maybe being a Gemini fits with being a gypsy, a sense of never wanting to settle in one place," Antoine expresses about his latest work.  This is contemporary jazz the way it should be offering more than what is expected and certainly taking us on a journey of the mind and spirit.


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