Lucinda Williams -- "World Without Tears" Tour

Heralded by Time Magazine as "America's best songwriter," Lucinda Williams has finally experienced a commercial success to compliment her long-time critical acclaim. Even after her Grammy win for 'Passionate Kisses,' Lucinda remained off the mainstream radar. It wasn't until Williams' 1998 album, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" (which took no less than five year and three producers to complete), that her name began to circulate amongst non-country fans. Seduced by her poetic lyrics and delta-blues/country-rock stylings, Williams' fan-base now spans beyond the boundaries of genre. Her audience is made up of those who long for music written and sung with honesty and raw emotion by a woman who's not afraid to expose her heartbreak. She once told Esquire, "If you're a dreamer and a romantic, you're going to have a hard time in the world. That's all there is to it. Because it's a rough, hard world. I try to find bits of joy where I can." Five years after "Car Wheels…", Lucinda released "Essence," a powerful, yet quieter tribute to lost love. Her latest release is "World Without Tears," which talks of love and loss, but also touches on political and religious themes. The record was recorded live in the studio, giving it a personal, lived-in feel. Onstage, Williams is notorious for being painfully shy. But what she lacks in on-stage antics, she more than makes up for with her heartfelt delivery - as well as the occasional, unexpected anecdote or joke. Her back-up musicians are also some of the best on the road, supporting her music without overpowering or compromising her sound.

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