Liz Phair

"I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me…" Phair promises. But who exactly is she promising? Starting out in the early '90s, the indie princess made her mark in the underground scene with explicit, heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies on her first three albums "Exile in Guyville," "Whipsmart" and "whitechocolatespaceegg." In her latest self-titled effort Phair seems to have ditched her indie roots in an attempt to connect with a wider audience - much to the chagrin of her '90s fan base. With the Matrix (Avril Lavigne's production team) in tow, Phair ends her five-year silence with an album filled with slick-sounding radio-friendly tunes, which have sent most of her aforementioned fans into a tizzy. Has she lost her edge? Perhaps a bit... But perhaps they might bend an ear to the track entitled "Little Digger" where Phair relates the story of trying to explain to her young son that she is dating a man who isn't his father. As her son meticulously places his toy trucks on the bed next to her boyfriend, Phair worries, "…I've done the damage, the damage is done/I pray to god that I'm the damaged one." Classic heart-felt Phair. They could also check out the tune for which we'll use the acronym W.H.C. Yes, her fave subject of sex is as alive and in-your-face as ever. 36-year-olds still deserve a little fun, don't they? If you ask me, I say lighten up, folks. For better or worst, the '90s are over.

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