Introducing Julia Gottlieb - A Musician with Heart

Julia Gottlieb, a vivacious, talented singer and song stylist who is about to make a name for herself. With influences ranging from Bach, Bob Dylan, Billie Holliday to Chet Baker, Julia is inspired by all genres. As she passionately explains, “I internalize their music so deeply. Their heart shines through.” For Julia that is what is truly important, music with heart.

Julia has recently finished recording her debut album. She describes the album as “contemplative, quiet, it’s paired down, the instrumentation is sparse, just guitar, bass and myself. I had kind of a dark winter, and the sound we created came from that. Its’ music you have to sit down and listen to, it’s quiet. It comes from a highly emotional place”.

Julia describes her eclectic style as a fusion of genres. She incorporates elements of jazz, western swing, pop, country, and combines them into emotionally charged melodies. As Julia explains, with this project she hoped “to contemporize classic music from another era; I want to freshen it and bring it to my generation”. Her wide-ranging musical dreams as well as sounds definitely make her an artist to watch out for.

Hailing from New York , Julia used to sing in a western swing band called The Blue Ribbon Boys. Now as a resident of Los Angeles she is singing solo. Whether in a band or taking the stage alone, Julia lives and breathes music. When asked who she dreams of working with, she bashfully responds, “ Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But can you play with your idols? I don’t know. I grew up with those guys. They are included in my whole emotional career. There’s this huge connection. That’s what’s so incredible about music. Every gig I do I listen to and sing along with Stevie Wonder before I perform, he gets me going. Its just funny the relationships we have with these artists.”

Julia’s next project remains very close to her heart. She intends to make an album of lullabies, “my mother used to sing them to me as a kid, it’s a labor of love for her”, she explains.

Her passion and enthusiasm as a musician and as a person are contagious and entrancing. Singing in multiple languages, including Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, and Portuguese, Julia is a force to be reckoned with. She is not contained by the barriers of any one genre, allowing the ultimate in expression, creativity, and purity in her music. She proclaims, “I just really love the way music makes me feel. The things I listen to are minimal, straight to the point; I don’t like a lot of fluff. I hope that people can hear a simple song sung without artifice and that it will appeal to them. I want to bring these special songs in to peoples lives, and I hope they will be receptive.”

For more information on Julia and her many styles check out or, and contact Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. at [email protected]

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