Jeannie Deva, The Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course Review - For the Serious Singer Only, Beginner Through Advanced

The Contemporary Vocalist, Vol. 1

Singing has always been a love that I have had since I was a kid. The problem was that I never had the confidence to sing in front of a crowd until I tried Jeannie Deva's " The Contemporary Vocals Improvement Course." Sometimes I would sing okay, then other days I thought I was going to crack a window. But after learning with the Deva, I now understand what I have been doing wrong for all these years and so will you when you try "The Contemporary Vocals Improvement Course."

The Contemporary Vocals Improvement Course includes 4 CDs that will teach you valuable vocal exercises and a fully illustrated 174-page book packaged in an easy to carry travel binder. The CDs work in coordination with specific chapters in the book. The table of contents will take you to any chapter as needed. As you take each step with the book Jeannie Deva will tell you when and which CD to put on. I gained so much confidence with this fantastic vocal course because Jeannie guides me through each and every exercise.

Jeannie Deva

This will be a vocal experience you can’t ignore! This easy and inexpensive course will help your voice no matter what style of music you sing, ie, Popular Music from Rock to Rap, Folk to R&B, Broadway to Blues. I know most of us take our breathing for granted, but Jeannie teaches the importance of breathing and how it can make us a better singer. Each breath you inhale is the fuel for your voice. If you don’t have enough breath or don’t utilize it correctly, you can run into big, big trouble.

Jeannie Deva(middle)with two prominent Hollywood vocal coaches, Darlene Koldenkoven(left) and Elisabeth Howard(right) on Vocal Success panel at California State University Northridge

Contained in The Contemporary Vocalist Volume 1:

CD 1A) Breath and Support

Jeannie Deva coaches you through the steps of four vital exercises that reveal to you the secrets of breath support and the success of this method. These exercises will wake up the important muscles important to the breathing process necessary for singing. Now these exercises are of the utmost importance for any singer. Don’t take these exercises lightly. Jeannie explains how various muscles are used to help fortify your voice.

I was amazed how these exercises helped me and the difference it has made in my singing. I repeat! Your voice has muscles and you must strengthen these these muscles to build a strong, powerful voice.

CD 1B) Developing Control 
The second half of the first CD, you apply your new found method of breath support to vocal exercises. You will discover that this method gives you greater control and ease of singing. These exercises helped me understand how to conquer rib cage expansion - which means that your rib cage should expand up and open as in a wide V. In addition you need to master keeping your jaw open and unmoving as you sing. There were times where I felt like I wasn’t doing my exercises correctly, but listening to Jeannie’s voice truly made me feel like she was in the same room guiding me. And the more you exercise you do, the better you get.

CD 2) Range and Control
Free your range as you relax and energize the natural and automatic functions of your voice. This CD limbers your vocal muscles giving you smoothness, flexibility and expansion of your useable range.
CD 3) Tone and Power
This third CD focuses on volume, relaxed power, enhanced resonance and sustain. The exercises are arranged to warm-up your voice first and cool you down at end, while being fun, creative and freeing. Tapes 2 and 3 of The Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2 support and complete this achievement.
4) Working with Words
The final tape of this series consolidates your vocal advancement with correct use of vowels, consonants and words in general while singing. An understanding of how words affect your voice will give you freedom from the pit falls of over stressing consonants.

The Contemporary Vocalist, Vol. 2

The CDs and book are interactive and never leave you wondering what to do next. Some of the book chapters include, "Natural Breathing, Freeing Your Natural Voice, Falsetto: Myth-Fear-Fact, How to Sing Hard and Avoid Vocal Blow-Out, Working on a Song" and much more. Regardless of your current level of vocal ability, Jeannie Deva expertly guides you step-by-step through a process of vocal enhancement and discovery. She empowers you with the knowledge and tools that help you sing with confidence and control. Even if you are an experienced singer, it is recommended that you work with The Contemporary Vocalist Vol.1 before using T he Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2. This is because the method by which the exercises are done is more important than what notes or scales are sung. The method you use to practice the exercises in Vol. 2 is taught in Vol. 1 and you will get better results that way.

Don’t overwork your voice if you cannot do the vocal exercises correctly. Remember, practice makes perfect and your vocal muscles will get stronger each day that you exercise them. Be patient and committed if you want to achieve a stronger voice. Jeannie Deva's " The Contemporary Vocals Improvement Course has been the best thing for me. The book contains a wealth of information on the basics of singing as well as performance issues. Furthermore, I can't express how the CD's are just as helpful. I practice in the car or in the shower and the CD's are easy and safe for the voice.

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