Caroline Waters - Venus Envy

Through her travels, experiences, and stardom as both a television star in her homeland as well as an internationally accomplished musician, she has put together a record that best represents the crossbreed of

  influences that have swirled through her beautiful red head.

With professionally produced original grooves and street-wise beats laying the foundation for her socially conscious and deeply introspective lyrical style, it seems Caroline has found a way to connect with anyone and everyone. The need for unconditional reliance on each other…love…understanding…acceptance…as a preamble for humanity's survival seems the underlying theme threading each track together.

Just as each track supports the one before it, they also stand alone as separate testaments to her wide ranging influences and musical style…R&B, jazz, hip-hop…Waters demonstrates a truly original way of molding her vocal power to the color of the beat holding it down. And the beats are drawn from quite a splendid palate. Moving from hip-hop to latin jazz and even to a violin solo in the midst of a bouncy R&B number, Caroline Waters is a talented multi-faceted artist not to be overlooked. The fact that she writes all her own material, designs her own artwork, and controls her artistic destiny only adds to the allure.

While some of the slower material seems a bit long-winded, tedious, and out of her element, it must be re-iterated that she has a strong and powerful voice. When she hits her note, which is much more frequent than not, Caroline Waters truly shines. This is the album that defines her environment. I believe the next one will define herself. The evolution of a true artist…what a beautiful thing…

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