Bargrooves al fresco

This is dance music for the mature! Forget the whistles, never mind the Elmo backpacks and plastic neon beads, pay no attention to the guy

that just walked by you muttering 'doses', ignore the guy in line behind you talking about how the DJ sucks and how he could be better. This is deep house…for the deep thinker…for the older, wiser clubbing crowd. For those who looking to step back from the seemingly (in retrospect) junevile (sure, we all started there, but c'mon…looking back, would you really put that pacifier back in your mouth today???) antics and mindset and step into a world of beats and rhythms that will still make your hips shake and soothing your soul while helping your mind wander into beautiful places (without the drugs!!), look no further than the latest set of "Bargrooves al fresco."

We all grew up in the age of electronic music, it's part of us, it's not going away…rather, it's going to continue to grow with us. This set shows us the evolution into more instrumental, musically minded, production values in the world of house music. Call it dance music for the musically cognizant. This particular package contains two full-length cd's, the first mixed by Ben Sowton, and the second by Justin Ballard. Both are flawlessly programmed and seamlessly weave together a mix of upbeat percussion, funky basslines, bouncy vocal loops, and fluid instrumental beauty in track after track of rhythmically positive grooves.

Released by Seamless Recordings in the UK, and distributed by Moonshine in the States, this is a definite timeless addition to your collection.

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