2016 Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson's Ranch - Rain or Shine

Willie Nelson’s Ranch in Texas is located 40 miles west of Austin, Texas. The exclusive event is hosted annually at Willie Nelson's private ranch and the celebration is called “Luck Reunion.” The event attracted musicians, artisans, and chefs who reunite to intimately celebrate our American roots. The vision aims to celebrate an extraordinary gathering of globally renowned artists and celebrate creativity with music, art, and performances dedicated to cultivate the evolution of our legacies among us. The reunion supports and benefits this year's non-profit partners such as Wholesome Wave, REVERB, HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), and SIMS Foundation.

Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson + Family

In 2016 the event was held on Friday, March 18th. The reunion was a great alternative for the visitors of the 2016 SXSW music and film festival held in Austin, TX. However, the event wasn’t open to the public and was exclusively reserved for the biggest fans. Tickets were only released in small amounts through social media channels, email lists, featured bands, and event partners; the event felt very intimate just like being part of the family at the unbelievable “LUCK” Ranch. The venue also had a space reserved especially for VIPs that was transformed into an outdoors barn exquisitely decorated with the most dazzling chandeliers, sofas, carpets, and hays with open bar and even a photobooth to add more fun to the experience just like a beautiful musical dream.

Courtesy of Holp Photography

Daniel Romano Band. Photo by John Gutierrez

Bob Baird Band. Photo by John Gutierrez


Photo by John Gutierrez

The private Ranch of Nelson’s hosted artists ranging from country, rock, folk, and soul that performed on three stages. The place was just like being in Paramount Ranch in California (Movie Ranch). In between shows the lucky attendees got the chance to explore the Luck Ranch, a Western little town located just inside the property of Willie Nelson’s Ranch. The location was a  former set used as a Wild West town for Nelson’s 1986 film "Red Headed Stranger".  It was an unimaginable experience for the lucky visitors who get the chance to explore the area.

Photo by John Gutierrez

Photo by John Gutierrez

Photo by John Gutierrez

Courtesy of Holp Photography

The “Luck Reunion” had multiple vendors, food trucks, and craft artists. In addition to Spotify playlists, there was a complimentary shuttle schedule service from Arlyn Studios, and a large variety of beverages such as complimentary gin, bourbon, whiskey, tequila, ice cold beer, and an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks were served as well.

The event was sponsored by Epiphone, Southwest Airlines,Jim Beam, Budweiser Beer, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Hendrick’s Gin, Milagro Tequila, Amplifan, Ticketmaster, Robot Fondue, Roadhouse Relics, Topo Chico USA, Spotify, Texas Music Water, Tea of a kind, Community Coffee,

The Texas weather isn’t always predictable. It could be hot, cold, dry or rainy, but the event was scheduled as rain or shine, so no complaints!

The event planned to have 35 bands on 3 stages, but due to a severe thunderstorm the bands were forced to downsize and Fire Marshals sent the attendees to take shelter in their cars and in a small barn during the storm. The event inside the Revival Tent took place as folk-rock singer Lissie sang during the severe thunderstorm, then Jenny Lewis and Lucius took to Willie’s on-site chapel. The audience who was patient to wait or were lucky to return to the ranch after the thunderstorm finally had the chance to enjoy Willie Nelson’s performance with his son Lukas, Jenny Lewis, and others playing inside the Revival Tent. He sang along many of his greatest hits such as “Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses,” “It’s All Going To Pot,” and “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.”


The lucky ones who stayed and tolerated the thunders and rain and went back inside through the mud, sang along with the country superstar. We are sure the experience was unforgettable for those who stayed or for those who left, or could not make it back. They had one of the best time of their life with all the entertainment offered at the Ranch. Stay tune in 2017 to find out about the exclusive events at Willie Nelson’s “Luck” Ranch.  

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Photos by John Gutierrez Photography 

Courtesy photos by Holp Photography 

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