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11 Year Old Angel Berry Releases Profound Debut EP In Unique “Spoken Word” Music Genre Spotlight - Dynamic, Enlightened

By Jill Dale

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Angel Berry

One of the youngest and most inspirational music artists Hollywood has seen, Angel Berry was on the ballot for a Grammy nod at just 11 years old.  An old soul and wise beyond her years, Berry collaborated with multi-platinum and Disney music producer, Andrew Lane, to translate her words to songs in “Spoken Word.” 

Angel Berry and Disney music producer, Andrew Lane

Spoken word is a performance artistic poem that is word-basic. It often includes collaboration and experimentation with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance. However, spoken word usually tends to focus on the words themselves, the dynamics of tone, gestures, facial expressions, and not so much on the other art forms. It is a music genre recognized by the music industry and is a category on iTunes, Amazon, etc.  Lane describes the songs, “Angel Berry’s music is a breath of fresh air that will change the industry as we now see it.  Her lyrical content will move the soul and the mind.”

Angel Berry and Andrew Lane recording "Strong"

Angel Berry

Berry’s music videoToday I Learned” competed with Ellen Degeneres and Oprah for a Grammy nomination in 2013.  Pretty impressive for an eleven year old.  Today I Learned” was written by Berry when she was ten.  The song captures the essence of humanity and how everyone, including young people, have their own voice.  Berry is a true inspiration in showing how to use your voice to make this a better world.  Lane continues, “Coming from such a young mind with the mature and loving outlook, her project is a win-win situation.”

Berry describes her upbringing and her creative outlet, “I live in Calgary, Alberta - home of the famous Calgary Stampede. We can see the Rocky Mountains from our house and we are also a short drive to Banff National Park. I have been writing poetry since I was 3 years old…..it is something that is inside of me and speaks to me.”

Angel Berry on set


She goes on to explain what inspired her to create songs in the "spoken word" genre, “I was introduced to Andrew (Lane) earlier this year for singing development. During our training I created a poem that I dedicated to my new cousin, ‘Because’ and shared it with Andrew. Andrew suggested I perform my poetry to music. I wrote 12 poems for the CD and Andrew wrote three. We recorded the CD in two days.  Spoken word is poetry to music and is just a beautiful genre and way to express my messages.  The songs have become so popular that I have been invited to perform my spoken word at many festivals in 2014.”


Angel Berry and her mother Christine Berry

Berry and her mother, Christine Berry, recently collaborated with Lane to produce a song for the devastation in the Philippines called “Strong.”  Berry describes the inspiration for this song and the accompanying video. “My city, Calgary, was devastated by floods this past June. I saw what happened in the Philippines and wanted to use my voice to help. It is a song of inspiration; I provided the words for my spoken word which is seen in the opening of the video. I want people to never give up and to be uplifted by the song.

Daniel Curtis Lee aka Saint Maurice

Daniel Curtis Lee (Glee, Zeke and Luther) And Mariah Parks (Wannabes) also were a part of this project, along with many singers who are local residents in Calgary.


Angel Berry filming of "Strong"

Berry likes to also have fun and enjoy being a kid.  She loves tobogganing, swimming, crafts and hanging out with friends. Some of her favorite music artists are Carrie Underwood, Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars.  When asked what advice she would give to others trying to follow their dreams, Berry replied, “Be true to yourself and your values. Do not do anything that is uncomfortable. Listen to your gut. Always communicate with your parents. When it stops being fun then re-evaluate your goals. Find a good support system and ensure they understand your path.”

Angel Berry


Strong” will be released on iTunes titled “We are Strong”.  Visit Angel Berry Official YouTube Channel to view “Strong,” “Today I Learned” and all of her music videos.  For more information on “Strong” and Angel Berry, visit her Official Website.

Published on Jan 01, 2014

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