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VLOV: Qing Qing Wu Spring 2013 Review - The Year of the Gentleman

By Chandia Brennen

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Dapper and chic would best describe the polished Spring 2013 collection from VLOV Qing Qing. The collection debuted during New York Fashion Week to a receptive crowd of spectators and celebrity guests.

Unique Designs in Subdued Colors

Unlike previous collections that possessed a futuristic flair, Spring 2013 introduced modest colors and professional styles that would flatter most men. Handsome models wore sleek cardigans, trousers, shorts and blazers that were offered in linen, silk, cotton and polyester.

The Modern Suit

Sleek Lines Create the Look of Sophitication

Make no mistake; although some of the garments would be considered “safe,” Wu certainly didn’t lose his edge. The devil was in the details, with zipper pockets on blazers, sheen fabrics and unexpected geometric prints on t-shirts.

Pops of Prints

Getting inspiration from “tranquility and the serene sense of calmness”, Wu’s inspiration was reflected in the color palate of the collection. Light blues, sun-bleached neutrals, charcoal and navy, made up most of the collection, while an unexpected peach suit revived the enthusiastic with a desire for color.

A Bold Peach Suit

VLOV is a wearable collection for the professional man that is unafraid of allowing his personality to shine through.



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Published on Jan 26, 2013

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