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Touch of Modern - Home to the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for the Man in Your Life

By Stephan Martin

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Men are often an afterthought when it comes to gifting on Valentine's Day. Just as something special can make a ladies day, a unigue gift can put a smile equally as big on your guys face. Avoid the typical gifts this year and visit Touch of Modern, home to memorable gifts that will live on well past Valentine's Day.

Touch of Modern, a popular men’s online shopping site, had their special Valentine’s Day store go live on January 4th. Whether you want to choose from their Valentine's Day lineup or what they carry everyday, you are sure to find something special to gift this Valentine's Day.

This online shopping destination for men will take you to a world of unexpected lifestyle products, fashion and accessories and that is just the beginning. From fun gadgets to filet mignon beef jerky, meteorite cufflinks and all-terrain electric skateboards to vintage designer watches and custom-built electric motorbikes, Touch of Modern has something for every man regardless of age or interest.

Vaportini (Photo courtesy Touch of Modern)

What man does not love having the guys over for cards or to watch the big game? Now anyone can crack open a beer or mix a cocktail but Touch of Modern offers the Vaportini. The Vaportini allows you to inhale the spirits of your choice, giving you more immediate control of your imbibing. Designed by entrepreneur Julie Palmer, the Vaportini imitates the effects of pouring vodka over hot coals in a sauna — a Helsinki tradition. Experiment with your favorites to find the alcoholic air of your choice. To make sure you recover from a bit to much alcohol you can order the Ficks Cocktail Fortifier. Add it any cocktail to make sure your next day is as good as this day.

Kole Thermal Flask (Photo courtesy Touch of Modern)

Everyone has to have a flask and there is simply no flask quite like the Kole Thermal Flask. On the outside, it's handcrafted from stainless steel and rich woods, from oak to walnut to mahogany. But inside is where The Kole Flask really shines. Its thermal technology allows your whiskey to stay cool and your espresso to stay hot. We know you'll want to show this off to your friends. Of course, revealing its contents is entirely up to you.

If the man in your life likes to go for a run, hit the gym or just listen with a little privacy, the airwave wireless bluetooth earbuds make a great gift. These genuine, completely wireless stereo “Virtual Surround” earphones feature built-in cvc 6.0 noise-reduction and noise-cancelling features, and can connect with up to two bluetooth devices. Stream your music from your phone or answer your incoming calls over bluetooth with these portable, high-sound quality buds.

If you want to upgrade that special someones fashion and style sense, Touch of Modern has a seemingly endless amount of options.The Rogue Aviator sunglasses have a durable and sturdy metal frame and features a script logo on the lenses, along with Rogue's signature R on the earpiece. Its polarization blocks all harmful UV rays, so they're as safe to wear as they are stylish. If you need something to go with those sunglasses you can find clothing lines that will dress any guy up and then throw in some classic shoes and an assortment of timepieces and you will be going out for Valentine's dinner in style.

Astronomical Interiors By Oçilunam (Photo courtesy Touch of Modern)

Astronomical Interiors By Oçilunam come in an assortment of eye-catching pieces that you are not likely to see anywhere else. Bring the light of the moon to any room. If you want some unique furniture, Four Hands Living offers distinctive finishes, shapes and styles that will set any room apart. City Skylines offers incredible shots of some of the most incredible skylines from iconic cities all over the world. These will look beautiful on any wall.

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Published on Jan 20, 2016

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