The Best Boxers To Take With You On Trip

Wool boxers may not sound like the sort of thing most folks would want protecting their nether regions, but wool comes in a great number of textures. Merino wool in particular is made of threads that are about 24 microns in diameter. That means that about 50 merino wool threads would only be about a millimeter thick. That means that boxers made out of merino wool are not like wearing a thick winter sweater. However, like a winter sweater, merino wool boxers are exception insulators against the cold even though they’re extraordinarily lightweight and soft to the touch. There are several good reasons for travelers and outdoorsmen to look into merino wool boxers briefs online. There’s lots to choose from and you’re sure to find a good deal if you know where to look!


Wool Can Neutralize Odors and is Bacteria Resistant


For folks that are thinking of hitting the road and venturing forth into the unknown, there’s going to be a need to pack light. That means that most travelers aren’t going to be carrying several pairs of underwear or necessarily have the opportunity to do laundry on a weekly basis. One of wool’s finest qualities is the ability to neutralize odors and stay clean for extended periods of time. This is especially necessary for folks that are going to be hiking or biking around. Wool does this because it’s actually bacteria resistant. Most folks don’t realize this, but sweat has no odor. What ends up smelling is bacteria that develops in sweat. While synthetic fibers have a tendency to absorb sweat, they also have a propensity for giving bacteria a good home to dwell in. This means they become malodorous quickly. Wool on the other hand, does not retain odors because the material won’t collect bacteria like synthetic textiles. In fact the smell can be freshened right away simply by airing it out. For travelers that need to pack light and don’t have room for a plethora of different underwear, having a few good pairs of merino wool boxers is the perfect way to save space.


Wool is Flame Resistant and Won’t Hold Moisture


The surface of merino wool fibers are coated in a waxy substance that repels moisture. This prevents moisture on the surface of the fabric from being absorbed into fabric. Instead, the moisture beads and rolls off. This is great for those that do most of their traveling by bicycle.


On top of that, wool is also flame resistant. When wool is put to an open flame the fabric will kill the flame within a matter of seconds. This is one of the reasons why wool is used in tandem with fiberglass and other materials for the purpose of insulating houses.


For travelers, outdoorsman, and other adventurers that are looking for the perfect material for their clothing, merino wool is going to be a top choice, as it has been for centuries. New technologies allow wool to be spun finer than ever before making it both lightweight and as comfortable as spandex.


Merino wool underwear is not the itchy fabric that you may imagine. In fact, it’s the perfect choice. 

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