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The gift that the man in your life just might appreciate more than anything else this year could be the one that no one notices, but him. Tani Underwear has taken undergarments and turned them into a luxury item. Underwear is generally an afterthought, that is until you try on Tani and realize what you have likely been missing when it comes to comfort, sometimes you don't know what you are missing until you try it.

Tani created their line of undergarments with two simple thoughts. Will they be comfortable and will they out-perform to create the best mens underwear? Tani went far beyond the typical fabrics, they searched the world far and wide looking for new fabrics and innovative knitting and finishing techniques. By not cutting corners what Tani has created is underwear that is unlike anything you have ever worn before and the comfort and feel of Tani will make you not want to wear anything else.

Tani has an assortment of collections to fit you in comfort whatever your need is. The SilkCut collection was made for everyday wear, soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient so that it keeps up with you as the day goes along regardless of what you are doing. The Micro Modal® Air fabric used in the SilkCut collection is actually thinner and even softer than silk and Tani is the first and only underwear brand to use this innovative fabric.

Some of the other incredible fabrics that Tani uses in their various collections include:


It takes Europe’s most sophisticated fine-gauge knitting machines to produce this extraordinary fabric. It’s thinner than silk. It’s softer than silk. It’s far more durable than silk. And Tani is the only men’s underwear that has it. Ok so it’s soft and wonderful, but it’s also highly functional, as the fabric’s natural properties wick moisture away from your skin to help keep you cool and dry. And even after repeated washing, the fabric retains its shape and color. And, speaking of natural, it’s made entirely from sustainable natural resources and in an environmentally friendly manner. Oh, and it’s also biodegradable.


This is an extremely fine fabric created in Europe for high comfort and high performance. Despite its fine texture and soft hand, this fabric is a hard worker, able to wick away 50% more moisture than cotton. It’s naturally hygienic and inhibits bacterial growth. Our Micro Tencel® is derived entirely from Eucalyptus, sourced from sustainable Austrian forests, and finished through a highly eco-friendly process. Tani underwear made with Micro Tencel® is so soft, it can be worn comfortably on the most sensitive skin.


Cupro® is derived from cotton, but has a denser and more uniform weave than cotton making it far softer to the touch. And this ultra smoothness allows it to drape and retain its shape naturally. Additionally, the fine micro knit allows for faster absorption and natural wicking of moisture than even the finest cotton. And if that wasn’t not enough, Cupro® is also hypoallergenic and antistatic.


There’s cotton and then there’s Swiss Cotton™. The difference is that 97% of the cotton produced worldwide doesn’t make the grade. The difference is a soft and supple cotton that feels like luxury on your skin. It is exclusively woven on special knitting machines in Switzerland from the highest grade, extra long staple cotton from the U.S. and Egypt. Compared to Swiss Cotton™, your typical cotton underwear is essentially sandpaper.


With the highest stretch and shape retention of any raw textile, Roica™ is, essentially, a spandex of a higher order. Acclaimed for its high performance, easy care and durability, Roica™ performs particularly well when woven with the specialty fabrics of our collections, increasing both comfort and appearance. Roica™ CF combines the performance and quality of Roica™ with effective ionic absorption of odor-causing substances from perspiration, resulting in the most effective odor control fabric on the market.


In the fabric world, Superfine® is a rock star. Essentially, Superfine refers to an extremely high density and fineness of a woven fabric. At the highest and best levels, it is capable of being spun by only a handful of mills worldwide. And only the very finest and smoothest yarns can be used. Fabrics knitted on these Superfine® machines produce a superior quality fabric with a finish that is so smooth, it is literally impossible to see a knit of the fabric with your eyes. It is the absolute pinnacle of softness, durability and comfort in fabric.

For more information please visit: Tani

To help introduce Splash Magazines Worldwide readers to the fabulous and comfortable world of Tani, we are giving one lucky ready a top and bottom to wear this holiday season and into 2016. To enter the giveaway please follow @TaniUnderwear and @SplashMagWw on twitter

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