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A Synopsis of Fashion - Sociological Art

By Teresa Altonaga

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Fashion... is it really just an art? Or is there more than meets the eye?


People look at fashion magazines and fashion shows and assume that they have no effect on their lives. People believe that fashion is just an art form that has been created into a massive business by the right people. But is that really all fashion is? Is it really possible to create such a large multi-million industry off a simple art that has no effect on people in society's lives? The basics of fashion explains it all.

The first basic of fashion is the idea of a personal style. A personal style is the apparel you wear on a daily basis that represents who you are and how you feel that day. Everyone has a personal style in clothes, whether you love fashion or despise it. Unless you walk around with no clothing all day every day (which is illegal), you will have a personal style.

How do your clothes correlate to your personality? Easy. If you are a happy person with an energetic outlook on life you will probably wear brighter colored clothes with a lot of fringes and patterns. If you are a more reserved female who focuses very hard on work, you will probably wear covered, non-exposed suits. I could go on and on about the ways people express themselves in their clothing, because it is something that society subconsciously does. 

Regardless of what many people in the sciences think, fashion is part of the arts and sciences. Personal style is a psychologically based idea that comes from sociology and economics. People wear what they feel and express themselves consciously and subconsciously through their clothing to others. Personal style is not the only form of fashion that is run by all these social sciences, but also the trends, fashion forcasters, and much more are as well.

Trends are based on what celebrities wear, and celebrities wear what they are influenced to wear by their stylists and fashion designers. Stylists and fashion designers get their ideas for trends from society. Society gets their ideas about trends through the economy, personality, and their background. Because the economy is forever changing, people's personalities are never exactly the same, and people take different ideas from their backgrounds because of their personality, there is always going to be new trends and fashion created throughout the end of the earth. This is not because some snooty celebrity simply decided that she wanted one trend to be popular and snapped her fingers and got her way; this is because people in society agreed with a specific trend that they subconsciously believed agreed with their economy, personalities, and background and influenced each other to believe it was "trendy". 

When you understand the basics of fashion and look into the depth behind it, you can understand that fashion is not just a simple art form filled with snooty girls and celebrities. Fashion is actually an art form that is based on society and the economy surrounding us. By understanding fashion, you can understand who a person is, where they came from, what their current residing country is like, what their social status is like, how their outlook on life is, and so much more by simply looking at the person's apparel.


So next time you see a fashion magazine, don't just roll your eyes. Instead, appreciate the thought and depth behind one outfit. Think about the millions of people that influenced that look and think about what it means about our society as a whole. I can promise you that you will learn much more than you expected.



Published on Jul 08, 2012

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