Sam Sarpong - "God Always Brings Angel[e]s"

Breaking barriers in not only social stereotypes, but cross platform syndicated domination, Sam Sarpong maintains head stratum in a sordid industry of Hollywood jaded. His style matches swag to aesthetic; phone ringing names answering to the tone of GucciVersaceJean Paul GaultierLouis Vuitton, DKNY, and Jean Phillippe for a call to high fashion nomothetic catwalk work fissuring standard nouveau.

Career spawning the 1st black male spokesmodel for Tommy Hilfiger six years running, Sarpong won five separate awards as a model in fashion, preliminaries alone. Fame, however; has run its bittersweet vein throughout Sarpong’s heavily bodied resume – being one of the only African Americans in a runway ridden with European skin. The triple platinum rapper shrugs it off over dinner at LaLa’s Argentine Grill. “Success to me is doing what you want on your own time,” states veteran pro to a serried test of questions fired off with photographer seated à côte de moi; lodestar corner pocket. He easily surpasses tendencies of an industry renown for its racial discrimination, now marking his making of firsts in a new movement.

Pioneering the male model reputation by inclusion in iVogue’s supermodel tees; Sarpong enterprises a limited edition dual print tee featuring British or American flag with beautiful visage frontage. Stating explanatory philosophy behind picking up the facial check for new portfolio includants, the confidant extradonaire asks, “Would I wear this if I wasn’t getting paid? If yes, then I get down….” Transitioning from high fashion to rockin punked up cuts honing spiked sledge falling over the edge of fresh and dying in the birth of cool, Sarpizee hails a call to Cosmo of Flasher on Melrose for custom threads in an exclusive hour quadrupled on location shoot for Splash Magazine Worldwide; twisting in Boy London’s tee sponsoring representation as one of the top ten male models on global markets to date.


Sounding off a puffed, popped up cuff if advented from any other international super model doubling as multiple campaign face repage including Tommy HilfigerEd HardyBoy London, and Jean Phillipe; Sam alludes to his pelagic business sense as both trendsetter and intuitive soul addicted to success with the tone refining statement: “Look at Tommy Hilfiger, look at Ed Hardy and Boy London. When I arrived? They blew up.” His presence is the catapult launching lines into its next stratosphere of success, applicable in regards to new project fronting South African based 966/64, inspired by Nelson Mandela - a line selectively chosen due to his fundamental belief in its quality, intuitive heritage, its message and consequently, a line contributing profits towards charity.

When one gains more exposure, one gains power, and therefore the ability to become and influence the change desired in both self as well as others, transcending barriers of prevention such as economical stagnation. “As talent, you’ll spend the rest of your life waiting to audition,” dictates the connoisseur of modern male modeling whose ethic is all work and simultaneous play. His goals are not so loftly if considerate of prolific DreJay-Z, and P.Diddy, whose self-manufacturing of success broke barriers of numerous social stigmas. Tactics involving a smattering of press than magician’s disappearing act as he heads back into the lion’s den for projects run off three hours of sleep, expect to see him everywhere, climbing those stairs we imagine lead to lying on Cloud 9; the entire trip having been a hard hitting, heavy joy ride.

The latest? Sarpong at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, then hitting up Save Our Surf (S.O.S) in Los Angeles for Spring/Summer 2013 whilst bringing it musically to SUR Lounge on September 19, 2012 for a solo performance off his new album and raking in Lovoka Caramel Liquor sponsorship for his single release party on September 29, 2012. Be there or don't. Sam will and before he gets that thing called momentum that makes snowballing seem like a dwarf storm flaking on a window pane fogging up to mist a studio with VIP parking spot labeled Producer, you just may be able to shake hands with the model god himself.

For more information on Sam, visit: or newly affliated site:

Add him on Twitter: @mrsamsarpong



Models: Sam Sarpong & Sydney Barlette

 Photographer/Actor: Matt Houston

Photography Assistant: STAZZ

Styling: Cosmo on Melrose Flasher

Makeup: Gina Everett

Assistant: Latorsha Hines

Sam Jewelry: Sharona Atomic on Melrose

Watch by Louis Vuitton

Sam Shoes: Radii

Artist International PR: Nyia Weaatherby

Fashion Editor: kaMi


Clothes Provided By Cosmo on Melrose FlasherBoy London, & Radii Shoes

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