ROARK Collective at H. Lorenzo Spring 2012 Collection Review - “Ode to a Parachute”


ROARK Collective combines film, photography, fashion and design


Slightly editorial in a publicized articulation of fashion event means only one thing - the experience is so deeply inflectional on a personal level that one cannot refrain from use of the statement pronoun, “I.” Tipping Rackedla’s hit listed scale for Fashion Week LAFlaunt Magazine invited guests for ROARK Collective’s presentation of Flight at fashion boutique H. Lorenzo on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 from 7 to 10pm; an illumination from the norm worth skipping four designer brands held simultaneously across town at Vibiana.


Andrew Steigner (far left) and Chris Allison (far right)


There was a vision of futuristic yet surprisingly vintage reincarnation, according to Head Designer Chris Allison of ROARK CollectiveROARK’s LA based fashion forward Spring/Summer 2012 symposium of impending epoch showcased a 100% Micro Modal, Made in USA, dry clean only garment in raw cut double layers; the level of sophistication making simplicity look elegantly austere. Interestingly non-stereotypical was the thought process behind Allison, who delved into how he reached the concept of flight - applying it in particular to aviation, yet steering it towards 50’s football jersey patterns and training uniforms. Inspiration streamed from recent dreams wherein appeared an ardent tinctured fog splaying across scenes of forebodence. Translating said visions to the latest synopsis for ROARK Collective, one eminent selection featuring Mandarin collar with well pockets detailing satin trim jacket was pleasantly neglectful of lining for a ‘Matrix met monk and dressed up for a grey date’ aesthetic. Capturing the entire line in a demonstrative statement of sheer artistic genius; Chris described his eclection as an “ode to a parachute.”


Black on black on black for sexy fact of scenester attendance


Director Michael Rothman is the genius conceptualizing Wind; an elegantly fluid editorial rendition of ROARK’s Spring 2012 collection. Creative Director Andrew Steiger stood atop garment rack filled loft looking down at the 2:45 minute short film looping itself to stream projectionally on white opposing walls of H. Lorenzo, commenting on the conception behind its purpose – the celebration of evolution in man, capturing mood and emotion in the translation of struggle to triumph in flight…


Color hinting itself with passion for an eclectic scene


No Such Agency co-founders Helena Barton and Daniel Barton, two serious and experienced inflections on the fashion scene and heavy weights in the fashion industry, brought sophistication and purpose to Wednesday evening’s black and [silver] gilded soiree on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Introduction to ROARK Collective sprang from a mutual friend in New York just over a year ago. Daniel Barton, Director of Marketing at Flaunt Magazine, verbally spun an anecdote with such pure insight and so raw a passion, he cements himself as a continual declarative individual found few and far between in a glamorized fashion location seeming to have the same faced flecked coat that Hollywood paints over its stars on the main boulevard. It must be his years, his experience, or his British accent. It might also be his manners.


Hitting the open Voli Vodka bar featuring hard, high pouring tenders of the skinny vodka, one had the inception of a dream state made blissfully cognizant with swills of Citrus CrushVoli LemonLime Lyte and Orange Vanilla Dream.


Solidifying the evening as an endeavor worth the trip was the much accepted yet extremely casual and late arrival of Troy Spino – who simply waved away the guest list. Spinning beats was DJ Kedd Cook. The centripetal force of all things ROARKChet Dillon gave insight and declarative statements of what the brand is and need not strive for.


Voli light vodka in plastic cupping hands


Attire:::: Bright semi-light honeydew long sleeve burn out tee filtering down past satin white hand and chipping silver sparkled digits, churned inside out for seam showage layering a spaghetti strapped atrament lace tiny double skirting, long bronzed yet still porcelain stems topping off stiletto cross hatched strapped velvet heels held casual inner strength in a room full of stark raven blacks in textiled shades of aero-androgynous flecks.


Photography Courtesy of No Such Agency.



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