MAGIC Trade Show 2012 - The Holy Grail of Industry Fashion Events


Scaled to fit in frame

February 13 – 15, 2012 elucidated Las Vegas in textile delights as retail trendsetters headed to Nevada’s most notorious city in order to amalgamate with exhibitors at MAGIC; or as industry fashionalists term it - “The Holy Grail.” Literally the Mecca of fashion industry events in one of the hottest party towns in the world, the genius multi-million dollar tradeshow equates to three days in seventy-two excruciatingly blissful hours of nothing save fashion’s innovation for the glorious year to come in apparel and footwear. Spanning across the entire city, stretching from Las Vegas Convention Center to MGM Convention Center, attendees were given exhibitor information, schedules and maps with “good luck’ send off. Lesson? If you attend MAGIC, know who you want to see and plot your course like a missionary out for the blood of killer fashion.

Desigual pulls out all punches

As part of WWDMAGIC, Desigual - the Ibiza based powerhouse brand, hosted an interactive exhibit that had artists splattering gold and white paint on black long sleeve tees worn by participating attendees rotating on a platform stage. Also providing a healthy selection of fashion and hor d'oeauvres for retailers; native to its Ibizan/Barcelonian roots, Desigual demonstrated the most liberal use of the term 'booth.'

Greeting fans Betsey Fashion

Betsey Johnson was there in person – taking a private jet from New York’s fashion week to appear in person. Attendees could not have been more delighted, seeing as the brand is topping style charts currently with its drastic, classic Spring 2012 Collections.

Betsey Johnson @ Betsey Johnson


Set Up Spots; S.L.A.T.E. decks out coming 2012 trends

Riders shred air in tight threads


PROJECT is a city unto itself, featuring a minimum requirement for purchasing ensure with 225 exhibitors. With S.L.A.T.E. and MENSWEAR presenting ‘weekend casuals, denim-driven sportswear, tailored clothing, and stylish outerwear collections’ upstairs; the VIP Lounges scattered throughout made parting in between appointments comforting – and fun, with Ping – Pong, candy available at almost every booth, and mixed lounges in-between. S.L.A.T.E. interpretes their definative contribution to induce live Skateboard Contests and 3 Dimensional carved skateboard decks by Brett Blaisdell (Smug Labs), demonstrating skateboard culture intertwining with art and fashion for sweet flips and coasting through the expansive floor's sets.

Xtreme sports influencing an entire floor of retailers


Liquid Fashion Show was a site to be held with talented models, white market designers, and professional production crew; ensuring Wednesday afternoon show was a smashingly forward and fresh thinking success.

Liquid Fashion Show was contemporary in refreshing silouettes bringing traditional tailored to 2012/2013 in WWD's North Hall

Puma had a closed, appointment only booth with interior featuring DJ Ty Adams and a beatbox shoe making moves by innovating steps with the dancer looking for a greater sound combination. Known for their sport infused direction, Puma will orchestrate more fans this year, as the racer streaks style comes into major play.

Not all was available at MAGIC – there were a few said designer houses who went off the charts for a private viewing available in hotel suite. Victorrio Marchesi invited guests to their lofty spanning view of Vegas on the 14th floor of The MGM Grand for a selection of shirts that had me content to see a traditional man’s dress shirt finally revolutionize itself in double collar, tailored triple button with undercollar inlay as well as cuff trimming inlay.

Off duty and on-site of other hotels and casinos made MAGIC a Vegas slipped up trip with Nylon party with THE Sound Clash is DJ Lupe Fiasco + Sky Gellatly on Tuesday night at LAVO whilst Project + Marquee Official Party simultaneously hit at The Cosmopolitan. Marquee was packed in capacity. One hell of a light show. We’ll leave it at that.

Supporters and deathly cool Skullcandy prompts up their models

Shopping was never so easy, with over 400 exhibitors

After taking in all the juice of pulped fashion – a feature of MAGIC/PROJECT was the ability to blog it right on site. In about my opinion? Don’t miss out on live action right in front of your face. There are too many people to meet, styles and designers to see, brands to learn about - from the designers or their close friends. If one invented a device to slow time down in order to experience everything MAGIC/Project has to offer, it would take a literal month to visit every show, every exhibitor, and go to every party.

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