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John Varvatos New Shop Launch Event at Bloomingdales

By Olivia Randall

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John Varvatos in store appearance

Music blasting, people buzzing and fashion oozing from every which way; John Varvatos stole the quiet October 11, 2012 spotlight as ´╗┐the designer launched new shop opening at Bloomingdales in Century City with a performance by Alberta Cross. Benefiting 826LA complimented by an extended new fragrance signing for the John Varvatos Star USA line; Mr.Varvatos held his schedule for media, friends, clients, and guests to mingle in the newest enterprise from the collection self titled fashion entrepreneur. The event took place between his two shops featured in the store and were fronted by the stage where Alberta Cross would later perform. 


John Varvatos explaining the inspiration behind his new fragrance


Varvatos eagerly signing fragrance bottles for dedicated fans

With a future full of promise and a designer full of drive, passion and enthusiasm, all should keep taps on Varvatos. It is extremely rare to find a designer that is as personable and humble as himself, not to mention one that has his talent and aspirations. Amidst great amounts of success, we all must wonder what else is next in the coming years for the designer. “I would definitely love to do home at some point in time, it’s nothing I’m rushing into, but we’re kind of in that business at the moment to some degree.” 

View of the event from the stage where Alberta Cross continued to jam


John Varvatos and Alberta Cross members Petter Stakee and Terry Wolfers

With the influence of music apparent in every aspect of the event and new line, I had to ask what kind of relationship he had with music and how it had influenced his work over the years. “I grew up with rock-n-roll and music, and it was the one, kind of saving thing that I had.” Now knowing that music has been a part of him since his small town upbringing, I was anxious to see how it took part in his present day work ethic. “It’s an energy force for me, like I cannot walk into my office or design studio without music playing. I have to have it in my shops, I have to have it in my stores.” Varvatos goes on to explain his take on the relationship that music and fashion share. “Musicians are inspired by designers, designers are inspired by musicians. There’s all this cross-pollination.” 


The band Alberta Cross performing up front and center

Upon entering, the entire set up felt ultra rock-n-roll. The event was made complete with a performance by Alberta Cross spreading their infectious tunes throughout the traditionally musically endowed Bloomingdales’ speakers; the perfect conclusion to a Varvatos evening. Two bars sponsored by Jack Daniels supplied guests with musicians ‘go-to’ drink and hors d'oeuvres freshly light and unique in palette. The new John Varvatos Star USA shop shows similarities to his self titled shop, whilst completely breaking free from refinement and elegance to emerge with an undeniable edginess. Varvatos also had the same mentality when designing his new fragrance bottle, “I wanted something that had a little harder edge to it.” Varvatos explained enthusiastically when describing the new look of the bottled cologne, “I love the whole, kind of, mechanical-ness of the cap and how it functions. And there is a bit of industrial-ness to the shape and details of it.” Varvatos further explained, “…the younger consumer identifies with that.” Even the scent of the fragrance marries with the look of the Star USA line. 


The new John Varvatos Star USA shop at Bloomingdales


Photo Credit: Jerod Harris and Getty Images

Published on Oct 26, 2012

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