Ecco Shoe Review – My Husband Finds the Perfect Shoe

My husband purchased a pair of Ecco boots a number of years ago and they have “saved his life”.  They have been comfortable and grip well in the snow.   With thoughts of these boots my husband set off to find the perfect walking shoe that he could also wear for fairly nice occasions.  He has trouble finding shoes that fit in styles he likes.



He tried several brands trying to replace the walking shoes that had served him for many years that finally gave out.  And then he thought he would try Ecco.  He found the ECCO Fusion Tie  at $160.00, a price that entitled him to free shipping. And yes, they worked.



He knew a bit about Ecco Shoes.  For example, he knew that the shoes tend to fit him well and hold up a long time.  He had heard something about the company being innovative. 




When I check their website, I saw this:

A man and his dream

Karl Toosbuy – the founder of ECCO – had a dream. He wanted to own a shoe factory and run his own business. Trained from an early age as a shoemaker, he gradually rose through the ranks and by his early 30’ies was managing a shoe factory in Copenhagen. The business, however, was not his.


The family decided to give up the security of a regular job, sell their home and move to Bredebro on the west coast of Denmark, just north of the German border. Karl and Birte Toosbuy and their 5-year-old daughter, Hanni, rented a small house and took over an empty factory built by the local community to help create jobs in what was a predominantly agricultural town.


Karl wanted his company “To be the best shoe company in the world. “  Ecco is now the second largest shoe company in the world.  After Karl’s death in 2004 his daughter Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak took over from her father, and is now the 55-year-old owner of this global shoe company.  As chairman and owner of Ecco, she is true to her father’s vision. This privately held firm, which is still based in Bredebro, claims it is the only major shoe manufacturer in the world that owns and manages every step of the shoemaking process.


So, what does all this have to do with my husband's great shoes?



It seems that Ecco's years of experience and dedication to excellence has resulted in the perfect shoe for my husband who is someone who really has trouble finding a shoe that fits. He loves wearing his new Ecco shoes, and says that these shoes fit the way he was hoping they would.  Walking is comfortable and silent and the shoe promotes improved posture. Our past experience with Ecco would also lead us to believe that he will be enjoying these new shoes for years to come.



To order these shoes go to Ecco’s website


To learn more about Ecco, go to this part of the Ecco website



Photos: Barbara Keer










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