Daniel Oberti Eyewear Review - Designer Sunglasses with Class

Daniel Oberti, an Argentinean designer of high end handmade eyewear, is a firm believer that if you are going to wear eye glasses, you have to look your best and that’s why his eyewear collection sets him apart from all others.

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

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I enjoy fashionable eyewear, sunglasses. I needed a snow glare cutting pair of sunglasses as I had planned my ski trip. What I found, after searching the information super highway and Google was, Europe’s favorite and a celebrity go to, Daniel Oberti, in Miami, a celebrity Daniel Oberti designer eyewear.

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

Sold around the world, Daniel Oberti glasses are handmade, and are available in a wide variety of specialty frames in unique colors and shapes including deco modern, checkerboard, Tortoise Shell, aviator, and the famous shutter shades Kayne West wore in his music video Stronger.

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

Oberti, by 1989, would become the owner of one the largest and most prestigious retail eyewear stores in South Florida, carrying the most exclusive lines of eye wear in the industry, appealing to fashion forward customers with unique styles and high-fashion taste.  Throughout the next nine years he would set record numbers one face at a time. Oberti’s success is in his passion for his work and commitment to serve his customers. His luxurious store, Just Look'N Eyewear, has always been known for its high end and custom eye wear to suit every customer individually.

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

He has always been on the cutting edge of the industry creating different shapes of lenses, and, when the industry couldn’t offer him what he was looking for, he began to venture out in search of excellence!

A defining moment in his career came when he went to a Milan trade show in search of distinction. On the final day of the show, he would find it. He returned to Florida with some samples and redesigned the whole line based on his creativity and vision for cutting-edge eyewear.  A month later, he would get on a plane to Luxemburg for final arrangements and agreements, and the production started on what is known today as gold n wood.  Oberti became an instant success heading up the US division, and selling over half a million in its debut at vision expo in New York in 1999. 

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

In 2005, he would begin to design again, but this time his own collection.  After five years of intensive research and development, the Oberti line of eyewear was born. The most anticipated and unique line in the collection is the solid gold collection, with solid 18 carat gold framed glasses embellished with diamonds.  Also part of the Oberti line are the distinctive wood collection frames, available in a variety of exotic materials for this market.

Daniel Oberti Eyewear

Daniel Oberti eyewear can be found throughout the world in seven countries including Germany, Hong Kong, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and in the United States.

Oberti eyewear can be found exclusively at his flagship Just Look'N Eyewear in Miami’s North Beach.

For more information: www.obertieyewear.com

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