California Good Clothing - The Brand of Conscious People

Founder Saier Sadiq is behind the California Good Brand. Surrounded by fashion, art, music, and knowledge. He had a feeling like fashion is a form of artistic expression. The way we dress is a reflection of our personality and represents in many ways how we want to portray ourselves to the world. For him, this clothing line fulfills three basic needs:
 1.) it is a canvas and medium for creation. 2.) it fulfills his entrepreneurial spirit and 3.) it allows him to pursue the type of enterprise that he wants to define, and that is one which is grounded in social responsibility.

Learning is a way to free us from the chains of ignorance. It is something that  he had taken seriously from early on. He went to UCLA to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology because he wanted to better understand what made the human psyche tick. He had an MBA and an MA in organizational behavior which is basically an applied psychology degree in optimizing human performance.

California Good is not the state, but a slogan of the state of mind. A mindset that is characterized by its native, young, conscientious adults who are immersed in many aspects of southern California culture. This is especially true of its warm weather, scenic beauty, its burgeoning art scene, its progressive pop culture, its leading liberal stance on political and social issues and most importantly its unwilling compromise in making a positive impact on society.

I have wearing the top and it is a great fit and comfortable to wear. Made from use shirts that are only 100% pure organic cotton and work with suppliers who adhere to the strictest environmental standards. create products of supreme quality and to use business to inspire and employ solutions to solve social and environmental problems. To order this organic brand go to California Good Brand.

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