Bling is the New Black - Bringing a Little Bling Into Your Life

Everything looks better with a little bling and even better with a lot of bling. Just ask Steven Tyler or Ringo Starr or any number of countless rock stars who enjoy getting their bling on at the hands of Bling is the New Black.

It doesn't matter what you are thinking about buying, t-shirts, guitars, shoes, your iPhone and iPad cases or really anything you can think of Caitlin McConnell and her Bling is the New Black brand takes the ordinary and turns into something special, that piece that will leave people talking about it.

Steven Tyler

You must wonder how one comes to have their blinged out creation make their way onto the back of Steven Tyler and eventually many of the other biggest rock stars in the world. Back in 2009 while still at the University of North Texas, Caitlin's mom Tanya asked her to created ten custom tees for her dental office at a convention. Caitlin did a little more than create something simple, her blinged out tee stole the show and left people more interested in the shirt than anything else. A few social media pictures of the shirts and Bling is the New Black was born.

Ringo Starr

Her passion for Aerosmith happened to be the second step in this rapid ascension for Bling is the New Black. The blinged out creations caught the eye of Aerosmith Steven Tyler and he began wearing the custom tees in 2010. Caitlin then continued her relationship with Aerosmith by becoming the personal assistant of Joe and Billie Perry during the 2012 tour. From their Aerosmith become completely blinged out as Steven continues to wear the Bling is the New Black attire while performing and Caitlin created blinged guitar for Joe Perry along with stage wear for Joey Kramer.

Cheerleaders sporting Bling is the New Black

Rock stars began to get a little bling with envy and the Bling is the New Black lineup began to grow. You can find such rock icons as Ringo Starr wearing Bling is the New Black. Even better than seeing your favorite rock stars wearing Bling is the New Black, you can see yourself in these stylish shirts. While the rock t-shirts you buy at the concert you go to are likely to find their way to the bottom of your drawer never to see the light of day again, if you pick up a Bling is the New Black concert shirt you will know that bling will not be lost in among your typical clothes, it is a work of art you will want to show off.

Bling is the New Black Guitar

Caitlin has become a hit with her Bling is the New Black line of several concert tours including; Aerosmith, The Who, Crosby Stills & Nash and Chicago. Beyond the stunning and memorable concert shirts, Caitlin has created breathtaking necklaces that commemorate the bands.

Joe Perry on his Bling is the New Black Guitar

You can pick up any of the concert shirts but that is not all that Bling is the New Black does. Custom handcrafted shirts of any kind are as easy as contacting Bling is the New Black and allowing them to work with your design to create the perfect shirt or anything else that you might like blinged. You can come across Bling is the New Black in an instance that someone is looking to stand out and Caitlin has used her brand to help promote such great charities as; Autism Speaks, SPCA and Red Cross.

Next time you go to a concert and you come across a Bling is the New Black shirt, make sure you add it to your wardrobe not only so you have a beautiful memento that will remind you of your experience, but also so that you can make all of your friends jealous and asking where you got that blinged out shirt!

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