Art Lewin Bespoke Clothiers – Creating Style as well as a Perfectly Tailored Suit

You might think a suit is simply a suit. You will find out the difference the day that you experience a tailored suit. Then you can think all tailors are created equal, one custom suit from Art Lewin Bespoke Clothiers and you will quickly realize once again, not everything is created equal.

Art has the ability to size you up so fast you won’t even know you’ve been sized up. While Art has the knack for being able to put you in the perfect suit with just a glance and a few quick tape measurements, he goes much further than that. Art not only creates your suit so it fits like a glove, but he makes sure you feel as good inside of your suit as you look on the outside. While Art makes sure the fit is flawless, the look is up to you as he has a selection of over 2000 suit and shirt fabrics.

Art has dressed celebrities such as; Lou Ferrigno, William Shattner, Jon Voight, Oscar De La Hoya, Bill Maher and Sofia Milos just to name a few of the famous people that can be found in an Art Lewin suit. Don’t think that you have to be a celebrity to appreciate the quality of an Art Lewin suit or that you have to be in Hollywood to enjoy his skills. Art has locations across the United States and while you might not be a celebrity, once you put on an Art Lewin suit, people will certainly glance at you with same gaze that they would give any big name luminary.

Lou Ferrigno in an Art Lewin suit

Once you have worn a tailored suit you are likely to never go back to off the rack and as a second-generation clothier, the craftsmanship that Art Lewin has to offer will keep you coming back. Combining his knowledge, workmanship, service and attention to detail is so impressive that he has a 96% client retention rate. Clearly once you are in an Art Lewin suit, nothing else will do.

Art also creates beautiful suits for women

The expertise of Art Lewin is unquestionable, he has so many accolade and awards that at this point you know if you go to Art you are going to look incredibly fashionable. Art was called the “Guru of Custom Clothing” by MyFoxLA, American Express name him “One of nation’s premier custom clothiers,” he was voted the Number One Custom Clothier in Los Angeles by  L.A. Downtown News and he was nominated as one of the Best Dressed Men in America by Esquire Magazine and the list of accolades just keeps going.

Art Lewin does far more than just create stunning suits; he goes in whatever direction you need his expertise in. You can come in like a blank slate and Art will plan, coordinate and even maintain your wardrobe. Trust me if you are going to obtain such a fine addition to your wardrobe, you are going to want to make sure it is cared for.

While Art Lewin might dress some of the biggest names in Hollywood, you can enjoy one of his tailored suits from many cities across the United States and you will be treated as if you will be walking the red carpet in one of his suits. One visit to Art Lewin and you will find out what the difference is between style and perfectly tailored style.

For more information visit: Art Lewin

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