A Modern Take on History: The Underground Movement

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Whether we realize it or not, history defines who we are. We cannot escape from the reality that others paved the way for us to enjoy this prosperous life. Growing up in an environment that is not economically challenging, could make it hard for individuals to allow themselves to see beyond their world. In order to appreciate where we are, we have to know and understand where we came from. 


The Underground Movement (TUM) represents a driving force that breaks the barriers of traditional fashion. Cutting edge innovation in design is breathtaking, intriguing and dramatic. However, mostly used as an admiration, not realistic to wear in everyday life. At the core of everyone’s wardrobe is a casual graphic t-shirt. There’s something about the effortless comfort that comes with wearing a garment that speaks to coziness.


We are headed into an era where we strive for our fashion to express who we are now, more than ever before. Graphic t-shirts have a pivotal role in serving as the primary outlet for this category.  In less than two short years, TUM has taken American heritage and transformed it into modern day. Offering an outstanding array of premium combed and ring-spun fabrics that make the products feel exceptionally comfortable.  TUM concentrates on screen printing their shirts, allowing for superior quality to be displayed in the overall saturation of the prints. The verbiage and artwork revealed on the t-shirts all originate from real people and inspiring events from history. 


TUM takes it one step further with their love for America by partnering with impeccable charitable organizations: Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), Noble Argus, and Concerned Veterans for America (CVA).  “We are passionate that for those of us who have fought and sacrificed for this country overseas that it’s just as important to continue working for this country here at home”, TUM expresses.


I got a chance to sit down with the creators of this monumental brand.


What is your company about?

UM: The Underground Movement (TUM) was created by US Army Special Forces veterans that wanted to produce cool shirts that also honor America's treasured lineage. 


What is your goal with this company?

UM: To bring American legacies into the pop-culture in a way that matched consumers demand for excellent artwork that stands for something.  Our cause is America.


How do you come up with your graphics?

UM: Capturing the essential idea in an interesting way is difficult.  We work very hard to tell a powerful action oriented story as briefly and concisely as possible.  We also work to make our message relatable to consumers today.  We ask the question “so what?”  From that premise we try to answer the “so what” of the stories we tell.


What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

UM: From the early 1600's exploration of America to the close of WWII. The Underground Movement is inspired by phenomenal stories of courage, enterprise, exploration and undaunted optimism.


Fashion is evolving by new trends emerging daily. What will stand the test of time is our inevitable love of tees! Let our fashion embody our beliefs.


TUM has been seen on Country Music Star, Rodney Atkins who adores his Flying Tigers T-shirt. To support this incredible movement, go to www.theundergroundmovement.com


Article By: Tosha Cole Clemens

Tosha has over 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She has represented top companies that include, BEBE, Wet Seal, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and Fox Racing. She provides consulting and also is a contributing fashion writer for several websites and the founder of www.NittyGrittyFashion.com and www.ToshaClemens.com

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