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If you are tired of the same look, same styles and looking like the person standing next to you, Superdry has come along just in time to save your fall wardrobe selection from the mundane existence of past years.

Retro Stretch Hoodies

Superdry has been in Europe since 2003 and they finally decided that they would infuse a little of their fashion style into the United States. The idea behind Superdry is a combination of Japanese design influences and the vintage American look.

Pickle Jar Chandelier

This combination certainly works as the first thing you notice when you enter the store is that each shirt is a knockout. Not only do they have great designs and eye-catching looks, but the color combinations are all flawless. The plaid shirts stick out most with this; all the colors are combined so well that they really give you an upscale look, taking what is normally a pretty average take-it-or-leave shirt, and turning it into an all-purpose shirt you can wear anywhere. The designers are what really sets this store apart from others. No matter what store you go into you will have some hits and misses, I failed to see any misses at Superdry and they certainly take some chances on giving you some different looks.

Stylish Polo

The other thing that I have yet to see anything remotely similar to is that the logo on some of the t-shirts and hoodies are given the worn look. You probably are asking what is original about that. In Superdry the worn look is not given by Superdry itself, it is given by you. The shirt is completely new, but with a little tug or a big tug, you can decide right away how worn you want your shirt to look. It is also just a pretty cool experience, almost like creating your own vintage t-shirt.

Superdry at Beverly Center

A major concept that you will find with Superdry is that no matter what you buy, you really are in control of the look. The clothes are really designed for you to create your own look and you have the ability to change that look every time you delve into your closet. For example some of the jackets have multiple zippers allowing you to decide how tight you want to zip up or if you want a more casual open California look. The clothes also have a great layering effect, you can combine almost anything in the store.

Washed Suede Jacket

While the shirts, jeans and everything else in the clothing line is great, if you are looking for a jacket Superdry really has set itself apart from other stores. Not only do they have a wide assortment of jackets ranging from casual, to dressy, all the way to heavy duty jackets so you can get ready for some harsh weather jackets. They are all just very stylish and high quality and you are going to have to do some searching to find similar jackets at prices that are even close to Superdry. Just a tip for the ladies, check out the trench coat and the washed suede jacket, it is going to be hard to choose between these two great jackets and you might just be leaving Superdry with both jackets.

Superdry Denim

If you have any doubt about how stylish Superdry clothes are or that this store will be as big of a hit in America as it is overseas, all that you have to do is look to Hollywood. You have celebrities all over Sunset Strip in Superdry clothes and David Beckham has to be wearing a big smile on his face as he doesn’t have to wait to go back to Britain to buy some of his favorites. It you want to pull of the Becks look, give the Osaka Tee a try, these are great looking shirts.

The crew at Superdry

Superdry will be opening its first-ever West Coast location at the Beverly Center on Thursday, September 23. This is the second of what looks to be a number of stores in the U.S. with Superdry creating their own British invasion. Whether you have all the style in the world or if you have no fashion sense at all, in Superdry it would not matter because you could not leave this store in a fashion disaster.

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