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Tan Linen Jacket by Blue Art

If you’ve ever been to Magic or Project trade shows in Las Vegas you would understand how I felt when I had to write an article about another fashion line claiming to be unique. However, when I had a chance to speak to Blue Art designer Femi Samuel I saw that he’s not just one more designer with hackneyed “passion for fashion”.

Every designer I meet states to be doing something different, and yet in a sea of available styles it’s hard to distinguish one from another. Blue Art appears to have genuine uniqueness when it comes to choosing their fabrics and styles.

White Linen Shirt by Blue Art

Blue Art denim is manufactured in Los Angeles and the rest of the line in Italy. With current economic state it’s been a real challenge to achieve local production for US designers, therefore I applaud any designer who managed to pull off local production for as long as they could. These days local production means many things including beneficial environmental aspects as well as better economy and more jobs for America.

The most fascinating thing about this line, is that Femi insists on using only the best possible fabrics for each piece. Some of the fabrics used are high-end Japanese "kaihara" and Italian "candiani" denim, as well as Italian cotton, linen, wool and beautiful calf leather.

Pink Shirt by Blue Art

Blue Art was created for people who refuse to wear anything ordinary.  It consists of innovative and intricate washes, and progressive designs that offer ultimate comfort. When I had a chance to review the line I could tell anyone with good taste and need for quality would be able to appreciate these designs.

Blue Art is the definitive affordable luxury line that doesn’t cut any corners, rather continuously promise to bring you designs made of absolute best possible fabrics from all over the world. Their designs are classic and innovative, and always in step with current trends. The line includes denim, shirts, knitwear, leather jackets, blazers, and hoodies. The denim is raw and clean, enabling the wearer to look sharp. Some of the pieces include intricate art work that looks very unique and artistic.

The name of the line came promotes the infatuation with creating the best possible denim, as if saying – this is the art of denim, this is the line you’ve been waiting for.

Next step for Femi and Co. elaborate women’s collection promising consistency of cutting-edge styles, comfort, quality and sex appeal at competitive prices.

For more information visit:

Peacock Jeans by Blue Art


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