7 Gorgeous Garments for a Perfect Preppy Look - A Tip


Nothing quite heralds autumn and back-to-school season like the preppy look. With roots in the old American preparatory and Ivy-league schools of the upper and upper-middle classes, this traditional style is still one that many emulate. In 2015, the preppy look was a fixture on catwalks from New York City to Paris.

There are a few quintessential pieces you’ll need in order to build a well-rounded, preppy wardrobe. Here are the basics that will have you well on your way to pulling off a look of academic prestige:

1. A Blazer

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Versatile enough to wear with skirts, trousers or even riding breeches, blazers are an essential piece in your preppy clothes closet. They are often adorned with large, gold buttons and some kind of emblem.

Blazers can complement almost any outfit. If you can only pick one color, make sure it’s navy.

2. Polo Shirt

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Rugby and polo were popular activities in upper-middle class academic institutions, and hence the polo shirt has become an iconic symbol of prep wear. Because this is a staple of the preppy look, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of polo options. Thankfully, there are many places that have big selections of preppy clothing, including polos.

3. Cable-Knit Sweater

The cable-knit sweater is great companion to your crisp, white, oxford shirt. It’s also a garment that you’ll really want for chilly days on the back-nine. Sweaters make great layering pieces during transitional weather, and when it comes to preppy garb, they are a timeless staple.

4. Khakis or Chinos

You’ll want to kiss your jeans goodbye and become good friends with chinos while trying to achieve a preppy look. Khaki, grey and navy are always good color choices, but you can step out with bolder colors such as red or hunter green if you want to personalize your look.

5. A Skirt

The weight and texture of a wool-blend or double-layered cotton skirt is great for durability and warmth. An A-line or pencil skirt works well, but make sure you have some proper stockings or knee-high socks to go with it. Darker colors or a plaid that harmonizes with the rest of your outfit works best.

6. Something Tweed

If you want to get fancy, then Vanity Fair recommends incorporating something tweed into your look. It can be a jacket, trousers or an accessory like a hat or book bag, but there’s something about tweed that just signifies class.

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7. Accessories!

Accessories such as belts, handkerchiefs, scarves, watches, ties and hats allow you to add personalized accents to your ensemble, which will keep your outfit from looking too cookie-cutter. Play with colors and patterns like argyle and plaid to liven up your look without straying too far from the preppy concept.

These essentials will allow you to put together multiple outfits by mixing and matching pieces. Make sure when starting out that you stick with matching colors so you can easily coordinate different outfits. Have fun experimenting with all your preppy options and before you know it, you’ll be a pro! 

Images Credit:-  www.johnnie-o.com

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