Three Online Trends That Are Going to be Big in 2017

The internet can be a weird, unpredictable place at times. For example who at the start of 2016 could have predicted we’d all be talking about Boaty McBoatface, a mother in a Chewbacca mask and a man talking about his pineapple pen. Although it’s near impossible to predict, here are three things we think will be big online trends in 2017.

1. Mobile Gaming

In 2016, Pokemon Go had us all grabbing for our phones but really the game only scratched the surface of what is now possible with the technology we have. This year, the popularity of mobile gaming is set to continue to rise even more. More game developers have seen the potential profitability of these games, so expect a lot more online games hitting the market. Mobile gaming is a hugely competitive market and there is already a wide range of games out there, so it’s hard to imagine the market expanding even more. Casino website Lucky Nugget Casino has these not to miss games to play either via your phone’s app or on your computer, and is constantly updating them to keep up to date. Unlike most games that cost money, online casino games like this can now actually win you real life money so they’re sure to be popular in 2017.

2. Facebook Live

Of course what is the point of winning at online casinos on websites like Lucky Nugget Casino if you’ve got nobody to brag to about your winnings? Luckily now Facebook has a whole new way of updating your friends and family about what’s happening in your life. You can now stream live video from wherever you are in the world to all of your friends and family to show them exactly what you’re doing. The great thing about this new technology is that it’s so easy to use you could be streaming online quicker than it would take you to write a status. All you need to do is click to go live, and in three seconds you will be broadcasting to all of your friends and family.

(Courtesy Pixabay CC0 Public Domain)

3. Virtual reality

Some of the most popular new gadgets this Christmas were headsets like the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR that transform your phone into a virtual reality headset. Previously developers have been put off working on games and apps for the platform, as so few people actually used virtual reality headsets. But now Santa has left literally millions of the different headsets in people’s stockings this year, all of that is about to change. In fact so many people bought them that the few virtual reality games and apps out there on the market shot up the most downloaded tables on app stores like Apple and Android. At the moment most of the games have cheap, simplistic graphics that would even look out old fashioned on a Nintendo 64. This year expect more developers to bring out thrilling games with graphics to rival that of the latest game consoles.  Lucky Nugget 



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