Bettina Martin - Game Changer in Hollywood for Women

Bettina Martin, 3D Technical Supervisor at 3ality Technica, is one of the few women in Hollywood working as a stereoscopic 3D technologist, an occupation typically held by men.  Working Women Magazine was able to sit down with Bettina and discuss the high technology coming under the control of women as the emerging 3D platform continues to grow worldwide.

A stereographer and 3D software developer, Martin works at one of Hollywood’s major stereoscopic 3D  innovation companies, 3ality Technica. 3ality Technica provides leading filmmakers with stereoscopic 3D solutions for filming motion pictures in 3D.  The technology is comprised of both software and hardware, becoming some of Hollywood’s most sophisticated and intelligent camera/rig systems.  As more up and coming filmmakers embrace 3D technology, it is important to make choices early, such as, will this film be screened in 3D?  If the answer is yes, should it then be shot in 3D?  Bettina will snap a quick, “yes!”

Bettina Martin

Born and educated in Germany, Bettina came to North America to occupy a highly demanded position, which is usually held by men.  Partly because this is a relatively new position in the industry, and partly because fewer people are qualified to fill it.  3D technical supervisors are rare, and for the position to be held by a woman is even rarer.

3ality Technica feels fortunate to have found someone with Bettina’s skill-set.  A graduate with a European Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Bettina is a valued and rare commodity.  Worldwide, there has been an immense shortage of women studying computer science and technology.  In Bettina’s computer science class in Germany, a nation known for its leadership in technology, there were only three women to 100 men.  Bettina is one of those women helping to close this gap and pave the way for women worldwide to enter this field. 

Such shortages of women have long existed in the U.S. in computer technology, NASA, aviation, defense, and other high tech industries.  NASA actively seeks women and now that Hollywood is being pushed to continue its expansion of 3D cinema and broadcast technology, the need for highly skilled technologists continues to grow.  Bettina’s skills are so refined and specialized that she is being used by 3ality Technica to help educate and encourage others to enter this new field.  She has worked on preparing crews for films such as the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  3ality Technica’s CEO, Steve Schklair wrote, “I brought Bettina to the company to create and write software.  The idea was to utilize her rare talent to correct issues with the implementation of 3D in filmmaking.”

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