Sony Style Store Opens in Glendale, CA -- Ultimate in Entertainment Continues

Sony has opened their newest store, this time at Glendale’s posh Americana at Brand, a world-class establishment described as “the ultimate in shopping, dining, entertainment and luxury living”.  

Sony has thrived for decades establishing their brand, and now their forty-third global retail store continues that custom.  Following in the Sony tradition, it’s matched for an crowd who expects the best.  Their newest location is convenient and nestled near other high-end stores, like Gucci, however unlike their neighbors they strive for a friendly and welcoming environment.

Just Step Inside    

As you arrive, Sony Style doesn’t look like your typical retail store. It’s a cross between your rich and cool uncle’s house and a very liberal school where you’re encouraged to touch, play and learn.

The wood tones and soft lighting create a friendly atmosphere.  The widened aisles help you feel more comfortable, less confined; and also stroller-friendly for families.    House-hold scenarios are setup for you to play with.  Different televisions, cameras, and gizmos are waiting for you.

And Even More

So, yeah, the environment is nice.  But it’s a store, right?  So let’s talk about service.  Well, it doesn’t just look first-class.  Customers are treated VIP all the way. First, the concierge.  They greet you and find out how they can help you best today.  Looking for something special?  Got questions on something you already bought?  Just came in to play around and see what’s new?

Concierge ushers you through the store making your visit as efficient or as rambling as you desire.  But, really, that’s only the beginning.

What does that button do?

At the stores, shoppers can see demonstrations of products, get comfortable with their functionality, or attend an educational seminar led by an in-store expert.

Most people buy products hoping to learn more.  What if the store actually helped you learn?  That’s exactly what Sony does.  You buy your next camera and they give you an hour of time showing you all about how to use your new camera and answering your questions.  And yep, it’s free.  Comes with the product.

Sony has “Revolutionaries”.  Employees in easy-to-find colored shirts that are ready to navigate you through hand-held devices and the newest and coolest products.

SONY's Revolutionaries ready to help

Additionally, Backstage Services are available in-store, and are provided by Backstage Service Agents. The service includes new VAIO PC Set-up, PC trade in, software installations, memory upgrades, post-sales PC service and repair facilitation for VAIO PCs and select consumer electronics products.

Backstage Agents are a technical resource for customers to get their computer questions answered throughout the entire ownership lifecycle of a new VAIO PC from set-up all the way to trade in for a new PC.

A New Reader?  Friggin’ Cool!

Sony is debuting their newest, digital reading device, the Reader PRS700.  You can download books, pictures, just about anything you want.  And, in typical Sony fashion, it’s designed to be the best.  

“The new Reader Digital Book allows consumers to carry the reading material they want in a convenient format that fits into their on-the-go lives,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division.

And it is pretty darn revolutionary.  Lit screen, crisp lettering, word search.  It’s a competitive product and seems to be the best product of the current generation.  A must have for digital readers this holiday season.

And that’s where Sony Style comes full circle.  Yes, they’re first-class.  Yes, they work hard for their customers.  Yes, they provide the same world-renowned products and services. And maybe most importantly, yes they are and continue to be on the cutting edge of technology.

The PRS-700 Reader will be available for purchase at Sony Style stores, and through authorized retailers for about $400.

Information about Sony Style stores can be found at

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