Women's Center of Burbank

The Women's Center of Burbank is an excellent resource for any woman who is new to the area and needs comprehensive obstetrics and gynecological care.  Located just outside of Los Angeles in Burbank, The Women's Center is a friendly and caring environment for woman in need who may not have a primary care phycisian in the area.

I arrived in LA as a recent college grad.  Like many people in my current phase of life, I still had my school's insurance plan.  Though  it was an accepted and established insurance plan in California, I myself was not established in California.  I had left my job, my doctor, and most of my resources on the other side of the country.

Though I was busy working as an intern, I wasn't exactly bringing in the big bucks to cover copays.  Because I had come to work, that was my focus and I hadn't anticipated needing much healtcare while I was in LA.  Boy was I wrong! 

In my second week of being in California I discovered that I was pregnant and had a cyst on my left ovary.  Thanks to the wonders of health insurance,  I needed to pay $20 to the urgent care facility I visited, and then another $75 to the ER to which they rushed me.  The care I recieved in the ER was rushed and impersonal and no one seemed to be listening to me or even looking at my chart.  They all kept asking me the same questions, and almost repeating the same tests! 

It took me almost a month to get a follow-up appointment with the OB-GYN that they had reccomended.  I was anxious to get to find out if my condition had worsened or improved, and to find out more information about the pregnancy.  I read reviews about the doctor to which I had been referred and I kept reading the same thing, "She's not warm and cuddly, but she is thorough."  Well, I was happy to read "thorough" but I was scared an inexperienced so "warm and cuddly" would have been nice, too. 

When the date of my appointment rolled around, I hurried there.  I had waited almost a month, and had also read that getting an appointment with this doctor was tough.  I had written the address down multiple times.  I arrived at the St. Joseph's Professional Building.

When I got inside I saw that suite 220 was the Women's Center of Burbank.  This must be it, I thought.  When I arrived, no one knew who the doctor that I was talking about was!  The girls at the front desk were absolute sweethearts and really wanted to help.  I gave them my paperwork.  The doctor looked at it and said, "They were going to make you pay?"  I nodded.  I was then told that they would happily help me there free of charge, do my ultrasound, examine my cyst, and give me pictures and details of my ultrasound.  They didn't show me a thing in the ER, and I had paid a $75 copay! 

I was seen by Dr. Ling, who was just a friendly, knowledgeable, and "cuddly" as I needed him to be.  I discovered that my cyst was completely gone, and that my baby's heartbeat was perfect.  For the first time, I saw my growing child, and got all of my questions answered.  I would be seen as often as I needed to be, given prenatal vitamins, and referred to resources.

The Women's Center of Burbank and Dr. Ling made what could have been a stressful situation, a wonderful one.  I absolutely plan to return and reccomend the center to any woman in the area, or passing through that needs care in a pinch. 

The Women's Center of Burbank is located at 2031 West Alemeda Ave.  Suite 220 in Burbank, CA. 

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