Tilth Beauty Products Review – Beauty Expert Anthony Vargas Takes Natural Skin Care to Another Level

Anthony Vargas got his start in the beauty industry working behind the scenes in research and development for major companies like Avon and Elizabeth Arden. As a world renowned Skin Care Specialist, Beauty Expert and chemist, he knows the ins and outs of what makes a great beauty product. His decades long career has garnered him a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the art of skin care and he has played a pivotal role in some of the most notable launches in cosmetic history including Prevage and Ceramides.His work has always included discovering cutting edge technologies and innovative formulations; which you will find in his skin care collection, Tilth Beauty. He's recently branched out on his own after seeing a need that wasn't being filled in the realm of skin care.

Anthony Vargas, CEO of Tilth Beauty

Anthony says many of the products we use are full of synthentic fillers and chemicals that can damage our skin. He wanted to develop a line that brought skin care back to basics and as the CEO of the new natural skin care line, Tilth Beauty, he's doing just that. Using his background in chemistry, he developed a line that merged science with nature because he says purely natural products typically don't have the same strength or effect as synthetic or prescription strength products.

Tilth Skin Protection Regimen

The key to Tilth Beauty and what sets it apart is that although the ingredients are natural, they're effective. Vargas says things like Retinol A are highly effective yet natural as it's derived from vitamin A. Not only are his products good for your skin, they're biodegradable and good for the earth too. Even the bottles are eco-friendly and all fragrances in the products are also naturally-derived. His line covers the full spectrum of skin care from cleansing and exfoliation to moisturizers, serums and anti-aging products.

Tilth Anti-Aging Eye Duo

Tilth Beauty products are top notch when it comes to quality but creator Anthony Vargas says he definitely didn't want to compromise quality to make more money. His line is being carried online as well as boutique stores such as Evolue in Beverly Hills. The unmatched quality of his product line is worth every penny. Vargas says you could pay $300 for a jar of moisturizer at a department store that is mostly full of petroleum as a filler. Not so with Tilth Beauty. Each product contains no dud fillers and has only quality ingredients.

Tilth Anti-Aging Regimen

I asked Anthony which product he would recommend from his line if a woman could only afford one item. He didn't hesitate to say moisturizer. He added that moisturizer is extremely important. Without proper moisture, your skin's ability to function properly is diminished.

Anthony Vargas, Jean Seo - Evolue Owner (Photo by Renee Farias)

With Tilth being such a hit, I was curious to ask if there were more products in the works. Vargas said there aren't any new products planned. He wants to focus on making the line the best it can be by keeping up with the latest in ingredients and science and adding that to the current products. The quality and efficacy of the line is what's most important to him, not the quantity of products.

Tilth Intense Restoration Moisture Cream

Anthony with Tilth Beauty Product (Photo by Renee Farias)

I'm a gal that likes a lot of fact with my faith and I've always been skeptical of creams and potions that claim to be the next miracle cream. I can certainly say that after speaking with Anthony Vargas, he won me over with his vast array of knowledge and no-how in both science and skin care. He knows his stuff , to say the least.

Tilth Beauty is the next wave of skin care using effective yet natural ingredients. This, in my opinion, is truly cutting edge because as most woman can attest, many of the effective beauty products available are harsh or unnatural and natural products are weak or ineffective.

Anthony Vargas, Jean Seo - Evolue Owner (Photo by Renee Farias)

Anthony using machine that reveals skin condition (Photo by Renee Farias)

I was lucky enough to sample some of the products in the line and this morning used the toner. I have to say I feel like a million bucks already. There is no comparison when it comes to quality in skin care and to know it's all natural is a definite plus. Visit Tilth Beauty's website to find out more about these groundbreaking products, to purchase online or find a store near you.

(Photo Credit: Renee Farias)

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