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TheBroot has officially landed in LA and is quickly making its mark. Often thought of as a ‘hair rehab’, TheBroot takes you back to the ‘root’ of things by leaving the harsh chemicals behind and using the freshest ingredients which will leave your locks ‘stunning’ and on the road to recovery and have you leaving restored, rejuvenated, and like a brand new person. TheBroot is the very first all natural hair mask bar where they mix up fun elements like avocado, bananas, eggs, honey, mayo and oils to massage into your hair before fixing your hair into a fabulous braid or with a blowout before leaving or you can use their self-serve vanity complete with styling tools and flat irons to complete your look. TheBroot just launched a new bridal program with crazy, fun parties for Bridal Showers or Bachelorette parties.  The packages are really different:


  • TheBroot Healthy Intuition Package - For the spiritual bride who wants to let an energy reader help them connect with their own intuition and find out what’s in store for their future. 
  • TheBroot Sophisticated Package - for the bride who wants to step up her game before the big day, learning about various wines during a tasting led by a renowned sommelier.
  • TheBroot Naughty Package - for the traditionalist who wants the full on sexy sparty complete with California’s hottest male stripper for their viewing enjoyment while relaxing in the hands of their own Brootender and learning about the hottest toys to make their honeymoon steamy.


Rejuvenation at its Finest! Courtesy Photo

Using only the freshest, natural ingredients, like avocado, honey and oils, TheBroot will blend custom hair masks to order that will leave your hair feeling restored and revitalized. Your tresses deserve an all-natural, healthy diet just like your body does. And they are here to provide it.


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