The Team with Phoebe Price

Lauren Taylor of Taylor Made Ink, and Katrina Kay-Hassler teamed up to form ItzBitchinExtenzionz.   Lauren and Katrina use the newest hair extension technology of the future called the Japanese Sheer Strings Technique, Microchet.

Lauren Taylor (pink shirt), Katrina Kay- Hassler (next to Lauren), Georgia Lane, Ginger Dunivan, June Dansbury, Nicole Bolin, Gloria Day, Manyo Sacsudo

It’s 40-50% lighter, virtually invisible, with no slippage or breakage. These extensions are not restricted to certain shampoos or conditioners as with other systems and because they’re made with acrylic bond instead of keratin, there’s no shedding. These extensions last for approximately 3 months.  

Lucky me got to sample their wares first hand.  Phoebe Price is their new spokesperson, and I am the first one to try what they call the “ Phoebe Price Fairy Tail Hair.” One thing I learned soon after arriving was these people LOVE to pamper!  They’re going to turn you into a “goddess”---that’s for sure.   They started preparing me to get the feel of my goddesshood from the moment I walked in the door.

Before her Style & Color Makeover


After a color and Style Makeover

Want to have the hair you dream about when you envision yourself a princess?  With Phoebe Price Fairy Tail Hair by Taylor Made Ink extensions it can be your reality, for real!

My extension makeover started with Katrina Kay-Hassler and Georgia Lane welcoming me and assessing my hair.  They began the process by mixing perfect colors for me from 4 different shades of blond.  Both of them began to crochet the extensions onto my hair.  While they worked they stopped every so often to massage my back and neck.  Did I happen to mention goddesshood and pampering?

Before Extensions

After Taylor Made Extensions

After the main extensions were attached, Lauren Taylor appeared to work the final magic on my tresses.  Color expert Lauren decided to trick out my do with some unexpected touches of color.  I mentioned that I liked aqua or pink and she created a subtle sprinkling of both colors in my hair.  
 I’ve had so many people stop me to comment on my magnificent mane, I feel like one of those painted cars!


Love the Colors

Although I have to warn you not to expect it to be part of the usual visit, her team and I were treated to a spectacular lunch prepared by Lauren herself, who is also a gourmet chef.  What a lunch too, I wish I had her amazing sandwich right now!

These crocheted extensions are different then any other extensions available.  But it’s not just the uniqueness of the extensions that makes their work unsurpassed.  Being true artists is what makes their extensions stand out from the rest and they are without a doubt the best you can find.  That’s why A-list Celebrities are flocking to their studios.

Extensions after 3 months

This Microchet technique is done with thread instead of your ordinary bond or bead which means:

    * Low Maintenance
    * Hair is 40-50% Lighter
    * No Slippage
    * No Breakage
    * No more dry hair- this method lets you wash, condition and style with your shampoo, conditioner & styling products & they WILL stay in place.

So if you want a change from cumbersome tracks or time consuming bonds and beads to luxurious, soft, flowing locks.  If you want to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.…get attached with Phoebe Price Fairy Tails by Tailor Made Ink!!

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