Summer Essentials Review - Primping In Minimal Time

Summer is rapidly approaching and there are a few necessities to make sure you are ready for a flawless and glamorous time.

AcnEase. Courtesy Photo

AcnEase, is an all-botanical acne treatment that helps to heal existing pimples while preventing new acne. With a success rate of over 96% many users have seen results in as little as 7-10 days. For the sensitive skin types AcnEase has no sun restrictions, no irritation, no drying, no aging the skin, no side effects and is safe for all skin tones and all ages.

LashEm, is an easy to use instant wrinkle reducer that will instantly lift and smooth your face. Packed in an easy to use applicator, LashEm, is a travel-safe simple solution that will create long-term effects in reducing the wrinkles that appear on your face.

Zotos Professionals Deliver 180 Turnaround! Courtesy Photo

Zotos is a new age shampoo treatment that will repair up to two years of hair abuse. Due to the new technology Zotos aids in locking in strength and targets hairs worst points that will improve your hairs condition after each use.

Mirabella isn't a stranger to creating the perfect hues year-round. Just in in time for Summer Mirabella has launched their new oil-rich lip glosses which provide intense hydration. "Lips need to be hydrated to look and feel healthy," says Amber Bowen, creative direcor at Mirabella. "These glosses add exteme moisture, we want lips looking good and feeling good!" In a variety of colors these must-have glosses will be available staryting July 2015 an retail for $26.00 each.

Cellublue! Courtesy Photo

Last but certainly not least is Cellublue. At first glance the blue cup may seem like there is not 'much there', but after a few uses you will quickly have a change of heart. Cellublue is intended to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Users simply place massage oil on skin and place the applicator at intended place, and it will create a suction type of feel. After massaging over 'problem areas' users will be able to see a change in appearance in about two weeks. While all people are different, most users will be able to see and feel the difference in their body with less cellulite and a firmer body. Keeping with this trend is Callex, an enzyme enriched ointment which will assist in exfoliating, softening, and moisturizing your feet. 

Callex Ointment! Providing Ultimate Nourishment! Courtesy Photo


All of these 'travel-friendly' products are definitely worth a second look as they will all assist in getting you one step closer to a better, flawless, you! 




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