Recovery Retreat Review - Luxury Post Surgery Care


So you’re all ready and prepared for your upcoming surgical procedure.  Whether it’s a medical procedure or a minor procedure, the countdown is on!

Your surgery dates are established, and you’ve been prepping your body for the experience with an army of supplements along with a healthier lifestyle before the big date. Not to mention, letting friends and family know of your soon to come time away.

But what is to come post-surgery?

Life races on, and friends and family offer what they can, though most are busy with their career and family. Yet here you are, in a weakened state after surgery needing all the tender loving care that comes your way. Staying in a clinical confines of a hospital room doesn’t quite bode as an attractive option, neither is it affordable.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a cosy home away from home at this point, reminiscent of retiring into a mother’s loving care? Picture a nurturing sanctuary where you could be delivered to after your surgical procedure to recuperate whilst being personally cared for by warm, attentive hands.

The technical term for such a sanctuary is a recovery retreat. And yes they do exists!

In fact, the Recovery Retreat located in Costa Mesa is known as the Original Recovery Retreat that offers post-operative care and non-medical transportation for outpatient surgery guests.



In their words, “What happens after your surgery is just as important as the surgery itself in achieving the maximum potential of your results. The RECOVERY RETREAT allows you time to rest with the peace of mind and seclusion needed to enhance your healing process. Unlike the impersonal settings of a hotel, our staff is specially trained, and rooms are specially designed to provide you the ultimate in privacy and comfort.”

Their multiple locations within the state of California has poised the Recovery Retreat as an expert in aftercare. They offer non-medical bed and breakfast style facilities around the clock, 24 hours a day.

True to it's Southern Californian heritage, the Recovery Retreat will deliver and pick you up on your surgery day in unforgettable style, whisked away in a white limousine!

After all, patients are often high clientele guests desiring both gentle aftercare with a touch of  glamour and sophistication!



The Recovery Retreat provides:
• Non-medical facilities featuring personal home care

• Staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays

• Post-procedural care followed per physician's instructions

• Automatically controlled beds to help with elevation and

• Assisted walks to the bathroom

• Individual meals prepared

• Certified EMT's, LVN's, and RN's on staff

• We pick you up after your surgery and post-op visits during
   your stay at RECOVERY RETREAT.

• Non-Medical transportation available without stay

• Offsite care also available, as well as additional services such as -

  • Airport pick-up and drop off
  • Transporting guests to post=op appointment after stay



A Country Cottage Ambience

The Recovery Retreat is aptly described as bed & breakfast styled getaway with a full range of post-surgical recovery services. Every room is traditionally decorated with florals, pastels and a vibrant and welcoming décor. Wake up in the mornings to the warm, fresh smell of a deliciously prepared home made breakfast that is brought to you on a tray.


Then when you’re both rested and ready, wander out to the quiet garden courtyard for some Vitamin D filled rays of sunshine.

While the Recovery Retreat is staffed by nurses, the informal setting makes their companionship feel more like a caring friend stepping in for a visit throughout the day.



You may expect a visit from Shelley Rossholloway, the Founder and Director of Recovery Retreat. She is associated with the American Red Cross, is an emergency Response Instructor and is ACLS Certified.

Shelley checks in on patients, reassuring them with kind words and customized aftercare. Guests warms up quickly to her positive nature and personable demeanor. But Shelley also has an eagle eye, noting details, observing the patient’s health with diligence whilst offering the care you would expect from a concerned, capable mother.

Shelley remarks, “ When you come to Recovery Retreat you will want to extend your stay because you will enjoy it so much"

The Recovery Retreat brings much needed care as well as color to what could otherwise be a dreaded experience!









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