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There's nothing quite like an upscale, mobile skincare therapist

Ever had one of those days where all you want to do is lay in the comfort of your beautiful home and just be pampered silly ? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal therapist arrive at your doorstep with an array of the latest treatments from Ultrasonic Skin rejuvenation, VIPeels,  24k Gold facials to Placenta facials? Yes you heard right…. placenta facials.

Mobile beauty services at your doorstep

As you are probably aware the placenta refers to the membranous vascular organ that develops in females during pregnancy. It lines the uterine wall and partially envelopes the fetus. The placenta is attached by the umbilical cord and is expelled following birth.

The placenta in its early stages

Now before you shy away from the very thought of human or sheep afterbirth in your beauty regimen, let it be known that there is a rich, historical precedent for the use of placenta for health & beauty. It’s full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids & proteins that are lost during childbirth. In fact there’s an official term for it. Placentophagia – the practice of consuming placenta has many a new mom ingesting their own placentas to replenish and rejuvenate after the birthing experience.

The Chinese believe it contains qi otherwise known as ‘life force’ and use it as a remedy for a whole range of problems such as lethargy, rejuvenating ageing skin and promoting breast milk production. It is said to be a means of allaying postpartum depression due to the chemicals in it that are said to help mitigate fluctuations in hormones. Placenta ingestion has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine practices for centuries. According to traditional Chinese medicine the placenta brings the body back to balance. In many cultures the placenta is considered the tree of life. Without it, a baby's life could not be sustained. Interestingly, if you were to take a look at the placenta it really does resemble a tree!

Apparently every single mammal ingests its placenta and human beings are the only mammal on Earth that went away from this practice.

The value of placenta has gained such recognition that the rich & famous and celebrity jet-set have caught onto it in a big way.
Tom Cruise revealed to GQ magazine his plans about eating wife Katie Holmes’ placenta after birth. He states, " I've studied placentas. I know dozens of ways to prepare them. I know what wines go with them. A quick Google search also reveals sites for placenta recipes, including lasagna, spaghetti bolognese and even a cocktail recipe.

The Clinic La Prairie in Montreaux, Switzerland took a step further in the use of placenta for rejuvenation and dedicated itself to live cell therapy. "Live cell therapy" refers to the injection of fresh cells (commonly obtained from sheep placenta into your body. It’s recognized as a highly coveted means of stimulating cell renewal along with the anecdotal benefits of finer, even-toned skin, firming up of skin & sagging breasts. boosting immune systems, improving sleep, enhancing energy & stamina, improving blood circulation, easing menstrual & menopausal symptoms and boosting sex drive

Enough said. By now you’ve probably raised an eyebrow or two and may even be contemplating giving it a go yourself!

Setting up her console in the privacy of a client's home

So back to the original thought! How does the thought of a delicious, relaxing placenta facial in the comfort of your home sound?

Diane's assortment of products and tools

Diane Fumat is a high-end mobile spa specialist hailing from France and services clients around the Beverly Hills, Brentwood & Bel-Air regions. With her trusty mobile massage table and suitcase of products she delves into the latest, most innovative beauty therapies enjoyed by the Hollywood jet- set. Her celebrity clientele insist on instantaneous results to carry them through red-carpet events, media & public appearances.

Esthetician Diane Fumat hails from France

Diane says “ I’m always looking and searching for new techniques. I’m a creative person. I’m dedicated to my clients and operate with ethics and honesty. I only offer what I believe in. That’s why I don’t have 50 diff services. I always work with techniques and products that I believe in. Placenta for example is one product that has very good properties.

Ready to begin the pampering

Frankly it’s the ultimate. It’s a must, covering every aspect of any problem you could possibly have on your skin.

Sheep placenta or  human placenta is used depending on the brand. I use different brands and  I like the mix. I take the best of every brand and combine them creating my own formula. I use some of the top brands including ‘Instant skin’, ‘Plazan’ and ‘Emk’.

There are a number of celebrities who swear by them. There’s a lot of protein and amino acids in placenta. This is what helps cells to grow. It feeds the baby, and there is nothing better than a mother’s nourishment. It’s a valuable aspect of the birth of life.

The rare quality of placenta is that it treats everything. Acne , rosacea, dull skin, you name it. It solves such a host of problems it’s amazing.

Delivering the facial in the privacy of my living room

Ingesting it is supposed to repair any weakness in the body. This is called live cell therapy and was discovered by professor Niehans for La Prairie. He had a case with a woman in a seizure who was close to death. In desperation he ran into his lab, and injected live cells extracted from the embryo of a sheep, into the woman. The story goes that this woman who was on death’s bed ended up not only surviving but living for years thanks to live cell therapy.”

Diane goes on to explain” It really is truly amazing. If you’re being treated with live cell therapy, it’s rare to fall sick. When you take it at an embryonic state it is not defined, it has not created form and there are no antibodies so there is no allergic reaction and no risk of disease. As a result the cell travels where it is needed.

If you have a problem with your liver, it travels to your liver to repair it. If your vision is weak it, it travels to your eyes and repairs the structure there.

When you undergo live cell therapy you can live a very healthy life. It doesn’t extend your life span but it does bring you back to optimum health so that your body remains youthful even at a ripe old age.

The final stages of the treatment

In a nutshell, when a young cell comes in contact with an old cell it relays information via the DNA. The old cell receives this information and in turn begins to act like the young cell. The old cell is not becoming young, instead it just begins to take on the mindset of the youthful cell. So no you can’t live forever through live cell therapy. Your life span is set, you’re not going to live any longer but you are certainly going to live much better. Your immunity is raised and your body returns to operating at its optimum

You could say that placenta reverses the aging process. People who use it  regain a youthful glow. Take a close look at celebrities who suddenly reappear in public looking decades younger."

LED light treatment completes the facial experience

She explains, "I myself like to use products that use sheep placenta as they are free of the controversy of human placenta. Sheep procreate more often than humans and their placenta is just as valuable as human placenta. For example the brand ‘Emk’ has a concentrated serum made of sheep placenta that is extremely effective. You just need a few drops of the serum everyday to get a great result."

Diane unravels her own signature style of treatment. “ My style of treating clients is a little different from other people as I combine placenta and LED light therapy for the ultimate effect. Right away you see a difference when these two powerful elements are combined.

Sometimes I work on half the face and the difference is incredible, it’s jaw dropping. My clients love it. With the placenta facial, only the skin cells are rejuvenated but the product is able to travel deep down to the basal cells thanks to the aid of LED light therapy. That’s my secret.”

It’s clear that Diane not only holds a passion for skincare, she shares a thirst for researching the latest developments in skincare. “I love learning and I’m in a field that really captures my interest. I’m not interested in all the different new products out there because there are so many that it’s endless. My interest lies in discovering the most profound skincare technologies and knowledge. Since I discovered the effects of placenta I’ve stuck with it as it covers every problem imaginable. Why bother with different products when you have the Holy Grail that does it all?”

To experience Diane’s signature placenta treatments contact her via her website


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