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Summer is upon us which means another season to bask in the rays for that sun-kissed bronze look and glow.  The only problem is, the older we get the more collagen we lose, and the more sun we attract, the more wrinkles and dark spots come with it. Fortunately for us, Dr. Winnie Moses, M.D. is the Founder and Medical Director at Parfaire Medical Aesthetic in Pasadena, and she has the answers to help you look younger and keep safer, without exorbitant costs and medical procedures like facelifts.  As an added bonus you won’t have to drive to Beverly Hills in L.A. traffic to get this advanced technology!

Parfaire Greeting Room Photo by Patti Martin

Parfaire is the French word for completion or to perfect one’s performance and at Parfaire Medical Aesthetic, you will get exactly that.  Dr. Winnie uses FORMA by Inmode an exclusive procedure to improve your skin to perfection by creating a silkier skin with a healthier glow.  Beginning at age 30, we lose collagen each year which results in that sagging skin on our cheekbones, lower face, and under the chin. FORMA uses radio-frequency energy that creates new collagen and improves the elasticity for long-lasting results for your appearance. One of the unique aspects about FORMA is that it can be used for all skin types, and it is relatively painless, with no down-time. 

Parfaire Clinician Room Photo by Patti Martin

Unlike other aesthetic places I have been to, Parfaire Medical Aesthetic offers unique and pampered services that make you feel like a VAULED VIP. Upon checking in, you are greeted with gracious hospitality and treated to an assortment of beverages including your favorite wines.  Once you are relaxed, you are invited into one of the beautiful clinician rooms where you are provided with robes and blankets for your comfort.  The rooms are mindfully decorated with aroma therapy, relaxing music, and delicate floral.  I especially enjoyed my FORMA treatment because it was warm to the touch, similar to heated stones; the process was tranquil and soothing as Dr. Winnie has the magic touch explaining the procedure step-by-step to alleviate any undue stress.

Dr. Winnie Applying FORMA Photo by Patti Martin

In addition to the FORMA procedure, Parfaire Medical Aesthetic offers a wide array of advanced technological procedure including FRACTORA which rejuvenates and restores your skin; LUMECCA for skin renewal and clarity; and my personal favorite KYBELLA, a prescription medicine which focuses on the fullness beneath your chin by eliminating that annoying double chin. Parfaire also provides fan favorites such as IPL Photo-Facial, Skin Tightening, Acne, Scar, or Melasma Correction, Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Collagen Stimulation, or Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm.

FORMA Before and After Photo Courtesy of Inmode

Dr. Winnie Moses, M.D. earned a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the Colorado School of Mines where she graduated with honors and she is published in the Journal of Applied Chemistry.  Dr. Winnie also received her medical degree and completed her residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She graduated with honors and was awarded the prestigious Janet M. Glasgow Award for being the top student in her class. 

Dr. Winnie established Parfaire Medical Aesthetics in Pasadena in 2015 to provide specialty services with Beverly Hills’ class, at reasonable rates to the San Gabriel Valley area.  Parfaire Medical Aesthetics in Pasadena is located at 101 S. Madison Ave. in the heart of Old Town Pasadena with free parking in the front and free VIP parking in the back with a private back entrance to the facility.   

Parfaire Medical Aesthetics Photo by Patti Martin

Dr. Winnie’s passion and drive to help people establish their best looks are evident, as her staff replicates her exquisite demeanor in providing exceptional customer care with the most effective cosmetic treatments.  Dr. Winnie is recognized as an outstanding woman in her area of expertise and she will provide you with only excellent care.  If you are tired of looking old and washed up and eager to greet summer with a new and radiant look, give Dr. Winnie’s staff a call at Parfaire Medical Aesthetics today!

You can learn more about Parfaire Medical Aesthetics by visiting or to get your Free $50 Gift Card with Initial Consultation

Parfaire Medical Aesthetics – 101 S. Madison Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101/626.844.7273

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