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Maya Medical Center - Delivering Unparalleled Luxury to its Clients

By Meagan Sargent

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Owner of Maya Medical, Suzie Agavni (left) and guests

Extraordinary, unparalleled, and purely divine, has been the personal mantra of this particular spa. It’s no wonder why their motto is, ‘Give us an hour, we’ll give you ten years back’.

Located in San Fernando Valley, Maya Medical Center brings the best of the best for its clients. The professionals at Maya Medical have a unique yet interesting and beneficial way of integrating spa therapy with all of its treatments. Treatments include: laser skin treatments, laser hair removal, injections, and the finest skin care products. Offering services such as: Botox, fillers, micro-dermabrasion, gentle wave collagen and much more clients can rest assure that Maya Medical is your one stop shop.

Guests at the Pre-Grammy Spa Day at Maya Medical

Celebrities and various forms of media have received treatments from Maya Medical and have discovered the secrets to eternal youth and true beauty. Because of Maya Medical, Hollywood insiders have been able to obtain the look they want without breaking the bank. The best part is that it is all natural and organic! “The laser treatments provided at Maya Medical, stimulates your own collagen to produce more cells naturally and quickly and you will notice a difference right away”, says model and actress Bridgetta Tomarchio. Stars have been chatting up the services provided and have not only seen a difference in appearance but feeling different as a whole.

Guests at the Pre-Grammy Spa Day at Maya Medical

Inside and out, Maya Medical Center can assist you with your needs. May it be a quick facial, spray tan or tightening up your skin with microcurrent this place has it all! Reliable with state of the art machines and techniques, the staff is sure to boost your confidence and have you leaving feeling like a whole new person at a remarkably low price. As self proclaimed television personality, Josie Goldberg from Dr. Phil rants, “Susan has golden hands and I feel her magic touch prevents my breakouts, I see a big difference after a few treatments’.

Peace Tea and Angeleno Provided by Monster

Recently Maya Medical held a pre-grammy spa day where celebrities, tastemakers, and key industry insiders received prime treatments in order to prepare for the big day! A day of relaxation and pampering, Maya Medical had really out done itself this time. Those in attendance were able to enjoy the ultra sultry, sexy, and swanky décor while sipping on free flowing wine and champagne complete with fruits and vegetables. Talk about the ultimate total package! Those in attendance were able to choose anything on the menu and complete the look with hair and make- up as well!

Guest (left), Bridgetta Tomarchio and Curtis Murphy (right) at the Pre-Grammy Spa Day held at Maya Medical Center

Whether its day to day or a special event, let Maya Medical take care of your concerns so you can be glamorous and worry free like you were meant to be. Simply stated, ‘give us an hour and we’ll give you back ten years’, is a mission statement Maya Medical Center is known to live by. Book your appointment today and get ready to travel back in time and embark on an unforgettable journey!


For more information on Maya Medical Center please visit: www.mayamedicalcenter.com


Published on Nov 14, 2012

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