Lash+Love Review - Luxurious Lashes by Lorena Ashmore!

If nature hasn’t given your eyes that striking, sexy accent of luxurious lashes, don’t despair. If not by nature, gorgeous, natural lashes can be yours, when applied by Lorena Ashmore -- also known as "Lash+Love"




Lash+Love's Lorena Ashmore


Lorena Ashmore is a licensed Esthetician with a background in eyelash extensions, skincare, waxing and spray tanning. She has built and grown her business in Los Angeles and Simi Valley and has a true love for the beauty industry. 






Lorena’s work allows you to have the “no makeup” look -- because with these gorgeous lashes, you really don’t need any makeup! Lorena’s techniques perfectly accentuates the eyes. Her methods won’t make your own lashes fall out -- it’s 100% healthy and natural.



Lash+Love features SUGARLASH!


In 2015, Lorena decided to expand her business and created a beauty inspired women's tee and accessory line called Lash+Love Apparel.  Her brand is fun, girly, sassy and speaks to to the lash, brow and lady bosses out there.




Lash+Love features Bella Lash!


With both her lash clientele and her apparel line, Lorena’s passion is connecting with her clients -- and having fun while doing it.



Follow Lorena and LashLoveApparel on Instagram to see more fantastic ways Lash+Love can make your eyes pop in that way you’ve always dreamed. 





To book your appointment with Lorena, call 619-277-2464 or email [email protected] Enjoy!! 



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