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We all know looking your best is vital. With Valentines Day right around the corner-who wouldn’t want to look your absolute best?! Glowing, beautiful, fully rejuvenated skin has never been so in reach. Cosmetic & Laser Specialist, Roberta Moradfar, from LaserAway in West Hollywood can assist you in obtaining the look you desire and not only momentarily.

LaserAway offers numerous treatments for Valentine's Day beauty bliss. With lead times ranging from 9 months to just a few weeks prior to the special day, these treatments are guaranteed to deliver flawless, luminous skin for your day of love!

 “Our clients love our laser treatments, says Roberta, whether they're removing unwanted hair or years of sun damage and/or acne scarring, the result is always clearer skin and radiant complexions. They love the glow they achieve after every visit."

Most of us have hair growth that creates dark spots and shadows on our face, or years of sun damage or acne scarring that dulls our complexion. Laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation facials can take away that unwanted hair and damage, resulting in a clearer complexion and achieving that radiant glow that we want so desperately.  For youthful and smooth skin for the ‘on-the-go’ woman try ‘Juvederm’. Juvederm is invisible gel filler which helps plump hollow areas where collagen is lost in various areas of the face.

In addition to LaserAway’s treatments, Roberta believes that water intake, proper cleansing, and diligent sun protection are a must for beautiful, glowing skin. Drinking lots of water as well as a well balanced diet reduces acne as well as gives you a natural glow, which is why complimentary bottled water is offered to each client at LaserAway.

In addition to drinking plenty of water, clean skin is also very imperative. A gentle facial cleanser such as the Laser Away ‘Green Tea Cleanser’ is all you will need. Retailing at the low price of $25.00, this cleanser leaves the skin felling clean, soft, and moisturized.

Featuring 13 West Coast locations that offer the most advanced lasers and unmatched results, LaserAway is the go-to destination for beautiful skin.

For more information or to jump start the countdown to vibrant skin treatments for the big day please visit:


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