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At a recent Las Vegas International Beauty show I met KELLY FITZPATRICK, an incredible energetic bundle of enthusiasm, and creator of BUMPITS Hair Volumizing inserts. What is a Hair Volumizing insert you ask? Well, my curiosity got the better of me as well.

Kelly has come up with a great idea that makes styling your long hair a quick and easy project. Even one length hair can see beautiful results by adding this special accent to your hair. BUMPITS lets you stand out in a crowd of those boring one dimensional hair styles.

HAIR VOLUMIZING INSERTS rest easily on the base of the hair shaft. They create a fuller crown that is the envy of all long hair fans. BUMPITS are so light weight, once in place you forget they are there. Whether you want it down in a page, or up for a beautiful evening style, it is all possible with BUMPITS.


BUMPITS create the styles you can see on all the fashion runways and the covers of every major beauty magazine. BUMPITS are becoming very popular. Used by American Idol’s 2008 and 2009 judges and contestants, 90210’s Anna Lynne McCord, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Disney’s Bedtime Stories, Jennifer Stone, all 2008 Miss America contestants, and many others. They have also been used on E! Entertainment, Rachael Ray and have been seen on CBS, ABC and NBC.



By brushing your hair into simple 3 and 4 sections, you can create a look that is SEXY, STYLISH, FULL, and PERFECT. BUMPITS is all you’ll need for an instant style change.

Never again will you fall victim to the flat hair curse. By just adding a small bit of back brushing to a section of hair at the top of your head, BUMPITS will easily create styles that ENHANCE your beautiful hair.

KELLEY FITZPATRICK saw the need and gave us the solution to keeping your hair FULL and SEXY all night.


Television Teen Queens and sexy photo shoot models no longer have to torture their hair for that HIGH FASHION look. That look can now be created by anyone at home by using this wonderful new hair volumizing inserts called BUMPITS.

BUMPITS are very easy to use, simply part the hair at the crown and gently tease, firmly place the BUMPITS behind the part line, firmly spray and VIOLA, the rest is a Fashionista moment.


Give BUMPITS a try. You’ll have a great time creating the latest high style looks in your own home within minutes. BUMPITS are available in three stylish colors: blonde, light brown, dark brown/black. Each package, which sells for around twenty dollars, includes 2 small, 2 medium and 1 large BUMPITS, a styling guide, and teasing comb. BUMPITS are sold at numerous beauty supply stores and salons across America or at .






So Kelly Fitzpatrick, I give you the ASKEDWARD.NET 21 BLOWOUT GUN salute.

You are truly, a WOMAN OF WONDER.

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